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Widget de Intercambio
Permita que los usuarios de su sitio web depositen, intercambien y compren criptomonedas utilizando tanto criptomonedas como fiat.
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Botón de intercambio
Coloque el botón personalizable de Changelly en sus páginas de monedas para permitir a los usuarios intercambiar instantáneamente sin redirigir el tráfico.
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API de desarrollador
Agregue una funcionalidad de intercambio a su servicio combinando su diseño y nuestra tecnología API de última generación.
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What Is Changelly Earn?

Changelly Earn aims to reward affiliates for promoting Changelly. In just a few simple steps, each affiliate registered in Changelly Earn can start earning Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or USDT20 in an efficient and secure way.

If you are as passionate about cryptocurrencies as we are and run a blog, any other crypto-related resource or just have an opportunity to deliver relevant traffic to our product, then Changelly Earn will be the perfect addition to your service. We’ve developed a variety of tools that can bring you passive income and at the same time can be beneficial for your business: widgets, buttons, referral links, banners. Once added to your platform or introduced to your community, these tools will allow you to earn revenue from fiat-to-crypto (“Buy Crypto”) and crypto-to-crypto (“Exchange Crypto”) transactions.

If you are looking to add crypto exchange functionality to your products, we would highly recommend our API. We are proud to have such industry giants as Ledger, Coinomi, Exodus and many others among our partners.

What is the difference between Widget, Referral Links, and API?

Widgets, Referral links, and API are all tools aimed at bringing you income and/or adding crypto exchange functionality to your products. The key differences among these tools are presented below.

Widget & Referral linkAPI
RewardUp to 50% of Changelly’s revenue from each transactionExtra commission fee that will be charged to your users on top of Changelly’s exchange fee. Usually, the extra fee is set to be between 0.1%-1% per transaction
IntegrationEasy, 1-2 hoursRequires basic developer skills
Transaction TypeFiat-to-crypto, crypto-to-cryptoCrypto-to-crypto
CustomizationCan change colors to fit your platformFully customizable

Our widgets and buttons contain your personal affiliate links. They enable your users to exchange and buy cryptocurrency. Referral links as well as banners and buttons enable crypto exchanges and purchases.

API lets your users exchange crypto instantly. API is a fully customizable tool you can easily install on your platform. In order to get access to Changelly API, just send an email to [email protected], and we will help you generate your API keys.

What are the typical use cases for API?

API is a fully customizable tool that lets you create an exchange window that can be adjusted to your specific needs. The appearance of the exchange window is limited by only your imagination, while the “heart” of it (the technical side) is designed by the Changelly team. If your service needs to provide clients with instant crypto exchanges, then Changelly API will be the perfect tool for you.

Among Changelly’s API Partners are Trezor, Ledger, Exodus, Coinomi, and more.

Use cases: digital wallets, crypto casinos, websites dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain, and many more.

How will I be compensated?

By default, you will get approximately 0.125% of the total crypto exchange transactions turnover as profit. If your users buy crypto, you will get up to 2% of the total crypto purchase turnover. You will get a commission from every crypto transaction by users referred by you within 3 months after the first transaction. We are ready to negotiate your commission % as well as a lifetime. Please contact [email protected]

When implementing Changelly API, you can set an extra commission fee that will be charged to your users on top of Changelly’s exchange fee. Usually, the extra fee set is set between 0.1%-1% per transaction.

How do I get started?

Click the “My tools” tab and choose the affiliate tool. Then, click “Add tool”, copy the code of the chosen affiliate tool and place it on your platform/website/blog/etc. Start earning while your referred users exchange or buy crypto. Please note that in order to generate API keys you will have to contact us at [email protected]. Tools like the Widget/Button/Referral Link/Banner do not require any assistance from our end.