5 Best EOS Wallets in 2020

The Best EOS wallets

EOS is one of the most promising blockchain projects out there, and today it has a solid network with over 400 Dapps operating on the platform. The developers have shown no signs of slowing up, and recently, they announced that they are going to launch a social media platform named Voice to run on the EOS mainnet.

If you are starting to feel some FOMO or just want to try EOS, we put together a review of the best EOS mainnet wallets for masters and crypto newbies alike.

Top 5 EOS Wallets to Use in 2020

#1. SimplEOS

SimplEOS EOS Wallet
SimplEOS Wallet Interface

SimplEOS is an open-source blockchain wallet created by the EOS Rio team for desktop systems. They are committed fans of EOS who want to make the best of the EOS network. The team has developed a wallet totally dedicated to the EOS ecosystem and integrated all the features available in their blockchain.

Besides common operations with the cryptocurrency, users of SimplEOS can:

  • Vote for proposals that are happening in the EOS network
  • Connect to EOS sidechains and testnets such as BOS Core, Telos, the EOS Jungle testnet, etc.
  • Interact with Dapps’ smart contracts right in the application
  • Buy RAM on the market and configure your EOS staking to make transactions.

Despite its name, SimplEOS is not that easy. The wallet is perfect for experts of the EOS blockchain, try it out if you have really made yourself at home in the EOS world and understand all the nuances of this network.

But if this is the first time you’ve heard about EOS Core and staking, you’d better look for another wallet.

#2. Scatter Wallet

Scatter Wallet Interface
Scatter Wallet Interface

Scatter Wallet is a desktop wallet for EOS, ETH and TRX blockchains. The main feature of the wallet is its “Single Sign-On” function, which lets users log into applications without exposing their private keys and personal details. It is made possible thanks to asymmetric encryption, which is when an app sends your details into the blockchain, and they become encrypted into some gibberish.

So it is one of the safest wallets available for EOS. If you are a security geek, try this wallet out.

#3. GreyMass Wallet

GreyMass Wallet Interface
GreyMass Wallet Interface

GreyMass Wallet is an open-source wallet designed by the GreyMass block producer. On this wallet, you can manage your coins and tokens that run on the EOS blockchain, stake, buy RAM, and vote for block producers.

You can create a local wallet right on your device by importing your private key and setting up a password. This password will be required each time you log in to your wallet. If you don’t want to store keys within the app, you don’t have to. Choose not to set a password, and your key will be forgotten.

#4. Freewallet

Freewallet EOS crypto wallet
Freewallet Interface

If these wallets seem to be difficult for you, Freewallet offers an easy to use the multicurrency wallet and a stand-alone EOS application which probably constitute the easiest ways to join the EOS community. Freewallet is a cross-platform wallet service for iOS, Android, and the web where you can manage your coins regardless of your technical skills or experience.

We tried to remove all possible hangups in our wallets for every level of EOS user:

  • You can create an EOS wallet for free. Unlike SimplEOS, Scatter, GreyMass, and other wallets you don’t need to pay EOS to create a new wallet.
  • You don’t need to bother about RAM, GPU staking and other things as it is our concern.
  • You can top up your account with BTC, ETH, and other coins. Even if you don’t have EOS, you can fund your account with any cryptocurrency. It will be converted automatically into EOS thanks to the built-in exchange.

The wallet is appealing for crypto beginners and EOS enthusiasts who value ease of use and convenient service. If you want to manage your EOS easily, anytime and anywhere, choose Freewallet.

#5. Lumi Wallet

lumi wallet

Lumi is a wallet that has been on the market since 2017 and is a product of Lumi Technologies Ltd. At the time of release, it supported only Bitcoin and was compatible with iOS. Later, support for Ethereum and Android devices was added to the application.

Compatible platforms: iOS, Android. Users can also install the web version of the wallet.

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