EOS Coin, How to Buy Cryptocurrency with PayPal?

How To Buy EOS?

Eos is a significant recent entrant into the cryptocurrency space, described as the fifth largest coin based on market cap, despite only making a move from the Ethereum blockchain in June 2018. Much of the EOS excitement is based on the size and positivity of the Eos community, as well as the proposed efficacy of the EOS blockchain, which promises a huge increase in transaction speed. In theory, transactions should be able to take place almost instantly, which would create the perfect environment for smart contracts.
As with all cryptocurrencies, the sale of tokens funds the further development of the EOS blockchain. Given all the hype associated with the Eos movement, predictions are that the price is set to increase impressively over the next few months. As a result, many have already taken ownership of EOS coins, with many new owners
popping up daily.

How To Buy EOS On The Exchanges?

Buying Eos via exchange is convenient and allows for added security when
transacting for larger amounts. Each exchange will function slightly differently to each other in terms of price, sign up details required and currency accepted in exchange for EOS. Some exchanges will also not function in your territory, so it is important to read up on the various exchanges you may be considering to ensure that they meet your needs.
Some suitable Eos exchanges include Coinbase, cex.io Binance, Kucoin, and Changelly.

How to buy EOS on Binance?

Binance is an incredibly popular and well-respected cryptocurrency exchange. To purchase EOS on this platform, you will need to create an account. Thereafter, you will need to deposit cryptocurrency to your Binance account, which will be exchanged for Eos. Following the prompts, select the type of currency, fill in the deposit address (from Coinbase, for example, or wherever your BTC or ETH hail from) and then head to your accounts tab on, for example, Coinbase, and hit send.

Once this has been done, your ETH or BTC should reflect in Binance, meaning you’re ready to purchase Eos.

This will require you to select the appropriate trading pair, depending on the cryptocurrency that you deposited into Binance. Binance will indicate the price of EOS in BTC/ETH (depending on your trading pair). Fill in your order information in the open bars in the bottom center of the screen. You have the choice between a market order (which fulfills your order at the going rate for EOS) or a limit order, which will only activate the trade when the EOS price hits a predetermined amount.

How to buy EOS with credit card/debit card?

Currently, it is not possible to purchase EOS directly using your debit or credit cards. As such, you will have to use your card to purchase, for example, BTC or ETH and then exchange the cryptocurrency you have purchased for EOS on an exchange like Binance or Changelly.

How to buy EOS using wire transfer?

As mentioned above, it is currently not possible to purchase EOS directly. As such, you will have to wire transfer for the purchase of another cryptocurrency, which can then be exchanged for EOS on a suitable exchange.

How to buy Bitcoin with Paypal?

Paypal does not support the purchase of cryptocurrency. As such, it is not generally accepted as a payment method on the majority of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. However, Virwox allows for a workaround. As per above, it is not possible to purchase Eos directly at this stage. You will, therefore, have to purchase BTC via Virwox and then use the BTC obtained from there to purchase Eos via a suitable exchange.

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