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What is Changelly Exchange API?

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Changelly API enables interactions between Changelly and external applications that use the Changelly exchange feature. The API is tightly integrated into the product interface and uses the same algorithms as the Changelly website. Hence, users of the outside service don’t need to leave it for the Changelly website to exchange some crypto.

The API is designed mostly for service providers such as cryptocurrency wallets, marketplaces, or crowdfunding platforms. Changelly API can be used for both web services and mobile applications.

How to get my Exchange API keys?

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To get your API keys, just create an account on Changelly (or log in if you have one) and fill in the form here.

Is there an integration fee?

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Changelly Exchange API is free.

What if there are not enough cryptocurrencies in the API?

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You can list any cryptocurrency you want on our service. Learn more about the listing process here. Moreover, if you have a DeFi token, you can use our Pure DeFi API.

Can I use Changelly API to exchange fiat for crypto?

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You can make only crypto-to-crypto exchanges via our API. If you are interested in fiat payments, you might also like other Changelly affiliate tools (e.g., purchase/exchange widgets and buttons) that are fiat-compatible and can be customized to your platform.

If you are still interested in the fiat API only, stay tuned! We’re really excited to release it soon.

Are there fixed or floating rates in the API?

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There are both floating and fixed exchange rates in the API. This varies depending on a specific currency.

What info should I show my users via your API?

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We kindly ask you to display certain parameters to your users to eliminate any problems. What are these parameters?

  • Protocol and network type
  • Network fee (only if you don’t show it in the Estimate)
  • Notifications that correspond to some currencies when you select them for entry or exit (when choosing BTG at entry, for example)

How does the KYC process work?

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If your customer’s transaction is put on hold due to KYC, the customer has to contact our Security team at [email protected] to pass the KYC procedure.

How do I earn money with Changelly API?

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We offer our API partners an extra fee payment model: you are welcome to choose an extra fee that will be added on top of the Changelly exchange fee. The extra fee will be included in the rate shown to your clients. Typically, the extra fee is 0.1%–5% per transaction.

How do I set up/change my extra fee?

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We can change your API extra fee on request. All you need to do is to email us at [email protected], and we’ll update it manually. You’ll be able to see what your current API extra fee is in your personal account.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

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You may request payouts in USDT. The minimum revenue amount available for withdrawal is equivalent to $30.

Can you show some examples of the Changelly API integration?

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Such projects as Ledger, Trezor, Exodus, Coinomi, and many other notable crypto platforms utilize Changelly API for an efficient and seamless workflow. See the full list of our partners here.

Where can I find relevant API documentation?

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You can find all the relevant API documentation here.

What if I have additional technical questions?

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Should you have any technical questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team at [email protected].

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