Waves (WAVES) Price Predictions For 2020

WAVES price prediction for 2019-2020

The Waves platform gathered a lot of controversy at the time of its inception. The platform was (and still is) often compared with Ethereum as it also is a blockchain-based ecosystem for both DApp development and token issuance.

Founder of Waves Platform
Alexander Ivanov, Waves CEO

Waves price predictions were also very different in various sources. It was unclear if the Moscow-based project, founded by Sasha (Alexander) Ivanov, was able to provide a product that will have enough value to sustain itself in the cryptocurrency market.

However, despite some skepticism, generated towards the Waves altcoin, the cryptocurrency managed to become a significant part of the blockchain industry.

At the time of writing this article, Waves has a market capitalization of over 290 million dollars, being in the top-30 largest cryptocurrencies. Let’s talk through the most important features of the coin, Waves price charts and Waves coin forecasts for the near future.

Waves Price Analysis

Waves Price Analysis
Waves price chart from the coin’s genesis to this day on CoinMarketCap.com

Waves price took some time to start significant growth. The market uncertainty towards the coin and the overall skepticism in the cryptocurrency industry did no good for the Waves altcoin.

However, when the coin’s development team started showing some major improvements in the codebase and the market got on the famous uptrend, Waves price reflected it with impressive growth.

The current price peak of the Waves coin price was reached in December 2017. On December 19, 2017, the coin was traded at a price of over 17 USD. Unfortunately, today the price is far from the current record. 2018 was a difficult year for Waves.

Despite both active development and social work of the Waves team, the coin’s price is four times lower today than it was at the start of the year.

Waves 2018-2019 price analysis
Waves price chart from January 1, 2018, to this day on CoinMarketCap.com

Both Waves price and the market capitalization of the coin were falling throughout 2018. Waves couldn’t sustain its price in the situation of the falling cryptocurrency market. Still, the coin was not as damaged as many other cryptocurrencies.

For example, Zcash has fallen more than twelve times in the same time period. Additionally, it seems like Waves is also recovering pretty fast.

Waves Popularity Analysis

waves cryptocurrency trend
‘Waves Cryptocurrency’ on Google.Trends

The “Waves cryptocurrency” search term is not at its best. Since January 2018, the popularity of Waves is in decline. Interestingly, the Russia-based cryptocurrency is not very popular in Russia. The top-3 of the countries, with users interested in Waves, are the Netherlands, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Still, the coin is clearly not as popular as it used to be.

The situation of declined popularity is usual for most of the other cryptocurrencies as well. For example, the situation is almost the same for Monero and Zcash. Dash, on the other hand, didn’t lose much of its search volume, which indicated that the overall downtrend of the industry is overcomeable.

Most likely, Dash handled the situation well due to its established user base meaning the Waves has no such audience. This is a very bad sign for the Waves coin predictions.

Waves Coin Value

The cryptocurrency platform of the project is mostly designed to offer advanced speed and scalability. Waves is a highly customizable and efficient open-source blockchain implementation.

Let’s talk about what accounts for most of the Waves coin potential and what are the likely main difficulties for the crypto.

Waves coin vs Ethereum

Waves platform is very close to Ethereum in its core but vastly different in the actual implementation. Most of the differences in the Waves coin vs Ethereum competition comes from the fact that Waves is a proof-of-stake cryptocurrency.

You can read more about the Proof-of-Stake consensus in the following article but we will still get through the main points here.

First of all, due to POS, Waves doesn’t require mining and is much less demanding in terms of computing power. It helps the crypto to become more accessible for a wider audience, reducing the need to purchase costly mining equipment and learning specifics of the process.

The POS-based structure of the coin is also a big advantage when talking about scalability possibilities. Proof-of-work has well-known scalability problems. Ultimately, the demanding nature of POW requires more and more efficient and often specific gear to maintain a growing network.

Most of the Waves price predictions, especially the long-term ones, are largely based on the opportunity of the coin to maintain a huge amount of transactions.

Additionally, proof-of-work networks are not as fast in sending transactions (both financial and informational). Proof-of-Stake allows the Waves platform to offer a fast and secure network that only depends on the number of users, working to maintain the network. Without any need for the gear, mining pools, and other complications.

The mentioned features are crucial for the maintenance of a large-scale development platform and it makes Waves especially valuable for the cause.

Waves DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

Another feature, driving the Waves coin forecasts, its the Waves DEX. Waves is a platform that runs one of the first decentralized exchanges.

Waves dex platform interface
Waves’ Decentralized Exchange built in the Waves Client

It has a number of significant advantages, positively met within the cryptocurrency community. As every DEX should, Waves DEX has no third parties, authorities or withdrawal limits. Getting rid of the mentioned things helped to offer the low-fee network, attracting more users.

As every DEX should, Waves DEX has no third parties, authorities or withdrawal limits. Getting rid of the mentioned things helped to offer the low-fee network, attracting more users.

Waves DEX allows not only the Waves and Waves-based tokens trading but also buying and selling such coins as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash and many others. DEX is available with iOs, Android, desktop, and laptop.

The DEX is under constant development and adds new features relatively often. For example, the development team of the exchange was fast to provide BSV trading. Additionally, the team is currently working on the ERC-20 Gateway to offer the Ethereum tokens trading. The addition of Augur, BAT, and other tokens will be a big step for the DEX.

Waves advantages and disadvantages


  • Waves has a growing number of newly on-platform developed dapps
  • Waves is technically promising in terms of scaling and increasing transaction speed
  • The coin is relatively stable during the market downtrend
  • POS helps the coin to establish decentralized governance when making large decisions over the network’s future
  • The Waves altcoin is government-friendly, has its own KYC/AML policies


  • The Waves altcoin is government-friendly, has its own KYC/AML policies
  • Ethereum is in an absolutely another tier in terms of the number of developed dapps
  • Waves is not very popular in terms of search volume

Waves Price Predictions For 2020

Waves price predictions are mostly positive. CoinPredictor technical analysis’ of the Waves coin future price both provided a prediction of over 4 USD in 2020.

Digitalcoin platform offers even more positive Waves price prediction for 2020. According to the platform, Waves will cost over 6.20 USD per coin at the end of 2020.

Bravenewcoin didn’t name a specific price for the coin. However, they offered one of the most positive Waves coin predictions overall, speaking about the coin’s twitter activity and a number of GitHub commits. The insights article of Bravenewcoin speaks about a bright future for the coin in long-term, due to its multiple features and vocal community.

The WalletInvestor’s Waves coin price prediction is not as positive as the previously mentioned ones. The portal’s recommendation is not to use the coin as a long-term investment.

Our Waves price prediction is positive. Despite the market downtrend, Waves is a relatively stable coin with a bright future in terms of technological advancement.

The Waves coin potential is not as dependent on the cryptocurrency market as is the case for most of the other coins. Our long-term prediction is also positive, with a price of around 8 USD in 2020 and further. No rapid price increases nor falls are expected in the near future.

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