List of the best crypto wallets for Digibyte (DGB)

Best Digibyte (DGB) Wallets

Digibyte is counted among those cryptocurrencies that stuck around for a long time. It was first launched in 2014, though without ICO, which is fairly unusual for crypto. Despite it being less known than other crypto behemoths like Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Dogecoin, it managed to leave its mark and create its own economical ecosystem.

As the Changelly team kept an eye on it, we kept track of its rise to success. In this article, we’ll talk about Digibyte itself and where best to store it.

Briefly on Digibyte (DGB) Cryptocurrency

While the launch without ICO didn’t help with the initial popularity of Digibyte, it didn’t stop the team. In 2017, they’ve added SegWit support to their blockchain, and currently, DGB takes place as the 40th crypto by market capitalization.

That, along with continuous support and development of the network, makes it one of the good investing options. And if you are planning to invest in Digibyte, you will need a place to store your coins. That’s where our list of top 5 best Digibyte wallets comes in.

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Top 5 Digibyte (DGB) Wallets

Despite Digibyte often being overlooked in favor of more popular cryptos, it is supported by a high number of wallets. That can cause confusion on which wallet would be the best for you and your plans. After all, different wallets have different features that you might want or miss. To help you with your choice, we’ve compiled our list of the best Digibyte (DGB) wallets, so that you will not need to waste time combing through them by yourself.

#1. DigiByte Core

Digibyte Core Wallet

An official Digibyte wallet from the team behind DGB, DigiByte Core was created to store this coin specifically. This means that it is, sadly, incapable of storing other coins, so if you are planning to own more that one type of crypto, you would have to keep them separately. But it has its own upsides, for example, it also operates as a full node, supporting the blockchain itself. Things like that often ensure that wallets like this can compete with multicurrency wallets.

DigiByte Core is a desktop wallet, meaning that you will need to download and install it. This wallet allows users to have basic control over their account and has a user-friendly interface. All in all, this wallet is not a bad choice for those wanting to dabble in DGB.

#2. Ledger Nano Wallets

Ledger Nano Digibyte Wallet

Ledger Nano is a widely known series of hardware crypto wallets. The main reason for this fame is its security, reliability, and the ability to store different cryptos. With it being a hardware wallet, Ledger also keeps its private key on the device, securing it against hackers.

With more than 700 cryptos available for users of Ledger wallets, its users can easily (and safely) hold more than one coin, so it is a good choice for traders.

#3. Jaxx Liberty

Jaxx Liberty Logo

A rebrand of the older Jaxx Wallet, Jaxx Liberty strives to overcome shortcomings of its predecessor. And, according to its userbase, they are doing fine on the front. Jaxx team improved on the security, adding new features, and multicurrency support (at the moment, over 85 coins). The wallet also has exchange integrations, allowing users to swap currencies on the fly.

Jaxx Liberty has three versions: web, mobile, and desktop, so it adds flexibility to its users, not limiting them to any one platform.

#4. Digibyte Go

Digibyte Go Wallet

Another wallet from the Digibyte team, Digibyte Go is the online version of Digibyte Core wallet. To be more specific, it is a Google Chrome extension, allowing users to store and access their coins on the go (hence the name). It is considered a rather secure wallet among other online wallets, so you wouldn’t need to worry about losing all your crypto to the random hacker attack, though it would be wiser to keep a big amount of DGB in cold storage.

#5. Exodus

Exodus Digibyte Wallet

Another desktop wallet, Exodus offers its users the following features: multicurrency support, good security protocols, and user-friendly (and quite beautiful) interface. With all of that, and how simple it is to use and understand, it is a good choice for novice crypto hodlers and crypto experts alike. You can use it on Windows, OSX, and Linux.


All in all, Digibyte has a lot of storing options for an often overlooked crypto coin. Knowing that you can now plan on what you want to do with your DGB and what wallet would be the best for your plans. If you want to try and use Digibyte, you can always do it via our widget.

Do you want to trade it in bulk? Or maybe you want to try and hodling it while you are waiting for better prices or just a generally better investing situation on the crypto market? With that decided, you can choose the right option and get right on that crypto train. Stay tuned for more crypto- and wallet-related guides!

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