I lost access to my email

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The email address acts as a unique identifier of your Changelly PRO account. It cannot be used for several Changelly PRO accounts. Also, it can’t be changed to another one later. 

If you lose access to your email, you can’t see the confirmation emails and, as a result, withdraw money from your Changelly PRO account.

How to prevent such issues

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  • Keep a close eye on your email address, check it regularly. If you don’t use your email address for a long time, your email provider may deactivate it. 
  • Use only reliable mail providers: Gmail, Hotmail, etc. 
  • Take care of your email security: enable 2FA and change the password once in a while.

I’ve already lost access. What should I do?

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We kindly recommend you immediately contact your email provider. As a rule, email account access can be regained. If it is impossible, please contact the Changelly PRO Support team via the ticket form

Important: please make sure to indicate the email address to which you do have access at the moment.

I don't receive email confirmations

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If you can’t find our email confirmations in your inbox, please try to search for them in the “Spam” folder. In case you use Gmail, please thoroughly check the folders “All mail” and “Promotions”. In addition, please review your email blacklist and make sure that our email address [email protected] is not there.

If the letters are still not found in any of these folders, please check if the email address you are digging in is connected to your Changelly PRO account.

One more suggestion: add Changelly PRO email address to “trusted senders” and click the “Confirm” button one more time in order to receive the confirmation letter.

If all the tips above do not work, please contact our Support team via the ticket form

2FA codes not working

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If you have access to your Authy/Google Authenticator, but the 2FA codes are not accepted by your Changelly PRO account for some reason, please check the following tips:

  • Make sure that your phone and your computer use the same correct time and time zone.
  • Check the time zones on the Settings page of your Changelly PRO account.
  • Check that the app you use to generate the 2FA codes is the same you used to set up your 2FA on your Changelly PRO account.

If the problem doesn’t disappear, please try to log in using the backup code. 

Now you should be able to log in, switch 2FA off and enable it using a different app or device.

2FA reset request

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If your 2FA device is lost or the authentication app is deleted, please try to log in using backups. The backup code should be found in a safe place where you store it. Enter this code in the field for your 2FA code. You will be able to log in if the backup code is correct. 

Now, you can switch 2FA off and enable it again later.

Don't have a backup code?

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If your backup code is lost, or it is not set at all, we can disable 2FA on your account temporarily. But you should take into account that this process is quite time-consuming since we need to make sure that you are the owner of the account. We hope for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

In order to have the 2FA in your Changelly PRO account disabled you’ll need to pass the verification procedure (KYC). Please contact our Compliance team with their [email protected] email address to do it. They’ll navigate you through the process and switch the 2FA in your account off after the KYC is completed.

Someone created an account with my email address

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There is no need to worry in case you received the registration email that was requested by a stranger.  

They might have accidentally entered your email address when creating an account on Changelly PRO. Perhaps it was just a mistake or a typo. They did not use your personal information.

In case you would like to deactivate the account associated with this email address, please submit a corresponding request via the ticket form.

Someone has gained access to my account

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You can understand that a stranger is using your account by one of the signs below:

  • You see trades and payments which you did not commit (it can be checked in your account Reports)
  • You received notification emails which you did not request;
  • You see some unknown sessions and activities in your Security log.

If you encounter any of these, please use the security measures to take your account back:

  • Change your password and terminate all sessions;
  • Enable 2FA (if it hasn’t been done before);
  • Change the password of the email address associated with your trading account;
  • Scan your computer for malware;
  • Make sure that you’re not using public/unprotected Wi-Fi.

The scammers will lose access to your account, but you should not relax. Please protect your account by enabling ALL possible security methods available on Changelly PRO.

In case you face any difficulties when logging into your account, and you think that they are caused by some malicious acts, please let us know immediately via the ticket form

There is a withdrawal error. What should I do?

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“Withdrawals are temporarily disabled on your account”

For various security reasons, the withdrawals may be restricted for your account. In case you don’t know what might have caused it, please contact the Changelly PRO Support team.    

“This destination address is not whitelisted”

The error is “This destination address is not whitelisted. You can add it to your whitelist here.”        

If you enabled the Whitelist on your account, you can only withdraw your funds to the addresses from this list only. 

There are three ways to solve the problem: 

  1. Please note that the Whitelist is case-sensitive. So, if you see this error, first make sure that the recipient address exactly matches the address that was added to your Whitelist, including the case of the symbols. 
  2. Please keep in mind the Payment ID that may be required for withdrawals of a certain asset. If the Payment ID (memo, message, destination tag, etc.) is required by the receiving service, you need to enter the ID when withdrawing your funds to this service. In order to withdraw your funds with a Payment ID, it must be also added to the Whitelist. The system won’t let you perform a withdrawal with your Payment ID unless it is whitelisted along with the address, using the special field.
  3. You need to separately add an address for each coin or token. A whitelisted ETH address can’t be used to withdraw an ERC-20 token until you whitelist this address for this very token by selecting its ticker in the dropdown menu “Currency.” 

Please note that after whitelisting a new address/Payment ID, all withdrawals from your account will be suspended for 48 hours. You will see a corresponding notification on your Wallet page. This is a security measure necessary to ensure the safety of your funds.

“Withdrawals from your account are suspended”  

There are two possible reasons for this error. The first one is the amendments to your Whitelist. If you use a withdrawals whitelist, you can see this error message in case: 

  • A new address was added to your Whitelist. Whenever that happens, your withdrawals are suspended for 48 hours.
  • The Whitelist in your account was disabled. To ensure the safety of your funds, your withdrawals will be suspended for 48 hours. 

Please take into account that this measure is vital for account security. This restriction can’t be disabled before the set time even in case of your request to our Support team. 

The second one is the password reset. If someone has gained access to your email, they may change your password with the password recovery option. For this reason, once the password recovery request is created and successfully confirmed, all withdrawals from the account are suspended for 72 hours. 

If you didn’t reset your password and didn’t make any amendments to your Whitelist, please contact our Support team for assistance.

“An error occurred” 

If you see the error message “An error occurred” when you try to deposit/transfer or withdraw your funds, the error might be caused by an issue with your browser. So please try to clear the local cache for Changelly PRO in your browser. It might resolve any issues. 

Here are the hotkeys for different operating systems:                

  • Windows: Ctrl + F5
  • Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Command + R 
  • Linux: F5            

In case you use a VPN, please try to turn it off. It may help as well. In case nothing worked, please submit a ticket to the Changelly PRO Support team.

Where is my withdrawal?

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First of all, check the status of your withdrawal. The possible statuses are as follows: 


Please just wait a little. It takes some time for the transaction to be processed and for the hash to be generated. If your withdrawal is stuck at the Pending status for more than a few minutes, feel free to contact our Support team.


Your withdrawal has been committed and broadcast to the blockchain. You’ll receive your funds soon. Feel free to check the withdrawal hash to monitor the status of your transfer. 

Failed or Cancelled

Your withdrawal might have failed due to one of either of these reasons: the payment details might be incorrect or the network is overloaded; or

If you’ve canceled this withdrawal, the funds have been returned to your account, so you can try to withdraw them again.

If the status of your withdrawal is “Success” and the hash is valid and has no errors, it means that the transaction has been completed and the funds must be in your wallet.    

If you don’t see the funds at your destination address, please check the status of your transaction on the block explorer. Click the link of the transaction hash at the Payment History page. In case you see any errors when opening the hash, please contact our support team via the ticket form. If there are no errors, it means that the transfer has been successfully completed on our end. If the funds are not reflected in your wallet, you can try to update it or sync the wallet with the blockchain. If it doesn’t help, please contact the wallet’s support team for assistance.

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