How to make a deposit (step-by-step)

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Find it knotty to make your first deposit on Changelly PRO? Here is a simple step-by-step manual:

  1. Open your Wallet or simply click the ‘Deposit’ button. It can be found in the upper right corner.
  2. Use the ‘Search’ option to find the currency you wish to deposit. Click the button in the ‘Deposit’ column to get your deposit address generated.
  3. Use this address to send the funds from any other service provider (wallet, exchange, etc.). Just copy this address and paste it into the corresponding field to set your Changelly PRO address as the destination for your transaction, and this transaction will be deposited to your account.

Important: each generated address serves to receive its particular asset. Before sending a coin or a token, make sure that the address is intended for this exact asset. Otherwise, it will be impossible to deposit your payment automatically.

Extra ID: In case Extra ID is provided alongside the address, please do not forget to indicate it in the corresponding field while sending your transaction. Only certain assets have this requirement, so please be extremely careful and don’t miss it.

We kindly remind you that some transactions need Extra IDs that are named differently for different assets. For example, XLM requires a memo, XRP has a destination tag, etc. So, check the recipient data – address and extra ID – as given to you by the system, and make sure that you don’t forget any details.

Deposit with a bank card or bank transfer

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You can also buy crypto with a bank card or a bank transfer and have it automatically deposited to your Changelly PRO account. To do so go to the “Buy crypto” section. There choose the fiat currency you’d like to purchase crypto with, the crypto you want to buy, set the purchase amount and choose an available purchase provider and the payment method. After you set all the parameters, click the green “Continue” button. You’ll be redirected to the chosen provider’s widget. Follow the further steps in the widget. 

You’ll be asked to provide your phone number and your email address. Also, please note that you’ll need to verify your identity. To pass the verification procedure you’ll need to upload the photo of your passport or the national ID and a selfie with the document. 

After the verification and the purchase itself is completed, the cryptocurrency will be deposited to your Changelly PRO account. To check the account balance open the “Wallet” section. 

Receiving a deposit

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Once the transaction is delivered to Changelly PRO, it will be displayed as ‘Pending’ first. This means that your deposit is in progress. To check your new deposits, look at the block named ‘Latest transactions’. You can find it on the Wallet page, just scroll it to the bottom. The funds will be available on your main account.

Deposit delays

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Sometimes you may see that the deposits feature is temporarily disabled due to technical maintenance. Simply saying, we need to keep the service up-to-date and stable.

To see your deposit status of a certain asset, just open the “System Monitor” page and check the asset status in the first column, “Deposits.” You can find the “System monitor” page in the “Utility” block at the bottom of the main page. If you see red in the corresponding column, it means that your deposit may have been delayed and will be processed once the deposits for this asset are turned back on.

If you face any issues with your deposits, please contact the Changelly PRO support team

Where is my deposit?

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It may take some time for your deposit to be processed. The time frame usually depends on the cryptocurrency network. If your deposit is not reflected in your Changelly PRO account, please check the reasons described below.             

Check if the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain

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Check your transaction hash in a blockchain explorer corresponding to the cryptocurrency you transferred. 

If your transaction hasn’t been included in a block yet and its status is “Unconfirmed”, please give some more time for the confirmation or contact your sending service support team for assistance.        

Make sure that you’ve used a correct address

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Changelly PRO provides a separate address for each asset. For example, you cannot send ETC to an ETH address. However, in case you’ve made such a mistake, sometimes it can be fixed. If this is your case, please refer to the article “Deposits sent by mistake.”

Make sure that you’ve entered a correct extra ID if required

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Some assets share one public address for all incoming transactions. If you deposit such an asset, you need to enter your extra ID (or message, or destination tag, etc.) to get your transaction linked to your account. To see your extra ID, you need to open the “Wallet” tab and click the “Circle with a plus” button in the “Deposit” column corresponding to the asset you want to deposit. 

If you forgot to specify the extra ID or its equivalent, please contact our Support Team. They’ll do their best to solve your problem. 

Check asset performance on the "System Monitor" tab

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We regularly update our wallet’s software. During the maintenance, you can see the relevant notification in the “Deposits” section. If you check the status for a certain coin on the System Monitor page and there’s a Red field, it means that the deposits for this asset are temporarily disabled.

You can find the “System Monitor” tab in the footer on our main page. 

Right after the maintenance is completed, the wallets will need some time to sync with the blockchain. In this case, you’ll need to wait a little more for your deposit to be processed.                    

If the “Deposits” field for the asset is green, please check the current processing time in the next column. It depends on the network load and in some rare cases may take several hours or more. Unfortunately, we can’t accelerate this process. 

Make sure you sent a coin that is supported by Changelly PRO

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If you deposited an unsupported coin into your Changelly PRO account, it will be neither credited to your account nor sent back to your wallet.                

To check whether a coin is supported, look for its ticker in your “Wallet” tab. If you didn’t find it, or if its name or contract address differs from the coin or token you’re to send, it means that we do not support this asset now.  

Deposits sent by mistake

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If you accidentally send a deposit to a wrong or mistyped address, your coins will be irretrievably lost, as nobody has the key to such an address. Remember that blockchain transactions are irreversible, so always double-check that the destination address contains no typos or errors.

However, if you sent your cryptocurrency to a Changelly PRO address corresponding to another cryptocurrency by mistake, we’ll probably be able to assist you. For instance, we can usually retrieve ETC sent to an ETH address. 

Please take into account that such retrieval is a manual process, which is also very time-consuming. It also requires much effort from different Changelly PRO departments as well as many approvals from the upper level. So, we highly recommend you to check all the transaction details attentively before sending your funds in order to avoid this procedure and the possible delays and issues which could arise from it. 

Important: Some cases with wrong deposits can’t be solved at all. Please contact our Support Team to find out if your deposit can be retrieved. We’ll do our best to help you.         

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