Strategies for Day Trading

full-featured crypto exchange changelly pro
Changelly PRO: Making a Deposit

In order to start trading with Changelly, you need to deposit funds to your Trading Account. With PRO, you can deposit bitcoin and 30+ altcoins...

fee tier
Changelly PRO: Investor-friendly Fee Structure

Typically, exchanges charge 3 types of fees: deposit fees when you deposit funds, trading fees when you make trades, and withdrawal fees when you want...

Crypto Trading Glossary
Cryptocurrency Trading Glossary

Crypto trading, like any other sphere where humans work together, has its own lingo. Hearing (or reading) it can be really confusing for novice traders....

Day Trading Guide
Day Trading Strategies in Cryptocurrency

Immersed in the world of finance, one has probably tried to trade cryptocurrency at least once. Cryptocurrency day trading is different from the one provided...

Cyptocurrencies for day trading
Best Cryptocurrencies for Day Trading in 2021

When it comes to day trading, beginners tend to be less successful than experienced traders: this is not an easy task. Want to join the...

crypto trading
Win-Win Cryptocurrency Exchange Tips

At the beginning of February Changelly launched a new column together with a professional trader and an ex-Wall Streeter. So, here is a new portion...

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