Strategies for Day Trading

how to read candlesticks in crypto?
How to Read Candlestick Charts for Intraday Trading

Candlestick charts are, in a way, a symbol of trading. They are the first thing people think of when they imagine traders, alongside line charts...

Crypto Chart Patterns
Understanding Crypto Chart Patterns: A Beginner’s Guide to Trading 

Are you looking to start your trading journey, or enhance your trading strategy? If so, you will need to learn how to spot crypto chart...

What Is Slippage in Crypto Trading? How to Avoid It

Cryptocurrency trading can be fraught with peril. Even experienced traders can lose money if they’re not careful. One of the biggest dangers is something called...

How to Overcome FOMO in Crypto Trading

FOMO stands for fear-of-missing-out a golden opportunity. Crypto FOMO may influence on crypto trading strategies.

Overbought vs. Oversold Signals
Overbought vs. Oversold Signals

No matter whether you are a beginner or an expert investor, one of your biggest priorities in trading will likely be finding the correct entry...

Investing strategies in a bear market header image
How to Survive a (Crypto) Bear Market

It seems inevitable now: we are amid a bear market… and perhaps the worst one yet. As the world struggles to absorb the shocks caused...

Bull Flag Pattern
What Is A Bull Flag Pattern and How to Use It

Learning how to identify and use the bull flag pattern is essential for anyone looking to up their trading game. It allows you to spot...

Wash Trading
Wash Trading: What Is It and How Does It Work?

There are a lot of dangers awaiting unsuspecting traders in the crypto market: scam projects, wallet thieves, cryptojackers, and so, so many more. Wash trading...

Crypto Trading Pairs Explained

When it comes to any activity that involves your time and money, it is important to study the issue from a to z. We can...

dead cat bounce
What Is a Dead Cat Bounce?

A dead cat bounce is a very useful market jargon to know — after all, it is a rather common occurrence, especially in the crypto...

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