Strategies for Day Trading

Wash Trading
Wash Trading: What Is It and How Does It Work?

There are a lot of dangers awaiting unsuspecting traders in the crypto market: scam projects, wallet thieves, cryptojackers, and so, so many more. Wash trading...

Bearish Flag Pattern
What Is a Bear Flag Pattern and How to Use It

There are a number of different chart patterns that traders have to watch out for to optimize their trading strategies. The bear flag pattern is one of...

Best Crypto Indicators
Best Crypto Indicators for Trading

Learning how to trade crypto is no easy task. It is an arduous journey, from figuring out trading terminals and fees and finding your favorite...

Crypto Trading Pairs Explained

When it comes to any activity that involves your time and money, it is important to study the issue from a to z. We can...

dead cat bounce
What Is a Dead Cat Bounce?

A dead cat bounce is a very useful market jargon to know — after all, it is a rather common occurrence, especially in the crypto...

bear trap
Bear Trap Meaning

Bear traps in trading are just as unpleasant to be caught in as the ones in real life — although they are a lot less...

Cryptocurrency Trading Orders Explained
Stop-Loss Order

There are several different types of orders in trading, but the main two every investor should know are the market order and the stop-loss order....

bag holder meaning
Bag Holder Meaning

If you’ve ever visited any investment or crypto forums, you may have heard the term “bag holder.” It is mainly used to describe retail investors...

margin call
Margin Call

Understanding margin calls is crucial if one wants to trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.  Cryptocurrencies are known for being high-risk, high-reward assets that can bring astronomical...

bull trap
Bull Trap Explained for Beginners

There are few things that are scarier to both novice and experienced traders alike than losing money rapidly. The markets are often treacherous, and many...

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