(CRO) Price Prediction

Changelly provides CRO price prediction (previously known as Monaco) project was established in 2016. The core goal behind it was to provide users with the possibility to work with cryptocurrencies using a metal card or, in other words, to accelerate the transition from fiat to crypto. The implementation of such an idea for the blockchain platform is a rather complicated task, as linking cryptocurrency to bank cards is almost impossible. 

However, could gain success in this field. As of October 2020, the native cryptocurrency of the platform CRO takes 12th position in the global crypto chart by market capitalization. History

The ICO for the Monaco Card took place in 2017 and collected more than 71,000 ETH ($26.7 million). The concept of the platform, which combines the capabilities of an ordinary metal card and the most popular cryptocurrencies has raised interest among large investors and ordinary market users. developers have proposed a combined system that allows the simultaneous use of digital and fiat money. Users get the opportunity to store their assets in several currencies at once and freely convert them at the rate provided in real-time.

In this context, the following advantages of metal cards are distinguished:

  • the system supports the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money;
  • conversion is carried out automatically – it is enough to indicate the required amount and currency for calculation;
  • metal cards open access for the use of cryptocurrencies around the world.

In addition, developers have proposed the easy-to-use Monaco application, which runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. App users can manage their assets, replenish their fiat money, monitor the balance and receive notifications of expenses.

As a result, the platform offers a multi-currency platform for storing funds with the ability to convert and use metal cards. 

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The CRO cryptocurrency has been on the market for almost four years. Therefore, its price met several ups and downs. The highest CRO price took place on August 21, 2020. Back then, the CRO price was $0.201749. Such a spike is directly connected to the hype around the DeFi sector. CRO token is an active player in the decentralized finance market as it offers cryptocurrency lending solutions, a platform for crypto swaps, DeFi coins farming, and many more. 

Coinmarketcap CRO price graph

Opinions on

Generally, the crypto community is excited about the cross-currency exchange enabled by There is also a DeFi factor that moves awareness around CRO cryptocurrency forward. The platform offers users to earn up to a 12% interest rate by depositing digital assets on DEX. That’s why people expect a serious growth, and their chain price prediction is generally positive. 

As of October 14, the platform surpassed 5 million users.

What to Expect from (CRO)?

We’ve collected some CRO price predictions from the most popular forecast platforms.

Coinpredictor CRO Price Prediction gives a brief prediction about CRO future price for a short period of time. It predicts a 0.5% increase in CRO price in the next seven days. The service forecasts a 67% decline in CRO price in four weeks. 

Walletinvestor CRO Price Prediction

According to Walletinvestor, CRO is an awesome long-term investment option. Walletinvestor predicts strong growth for CRO in 5 years and expects it to increase by up to +626.83%. In this case, your current $100 worth of investment will turn into $723.83 CRO Price Prediction provides a positive forecast about the CRO future price. By the beginning of 2021, predicts it to be $0.1978 in the most optimistic way and around $0.1462 if the trend goes down. In 2025, the CRO value may increase. In the best possible case, it would be $2.55 while in the least possible way it may be $1.89. According to, CRO is a good long term investment option. 

Digitalcoin CRO Price Prediction

In 2025, value might increase by 220% and as a result, CRO price might reach $0.5443. That seems to be the most viable option.


We are quite sure that is a highly prospective project, so is its cryptocurrency. CRO managed to take its niche in the DeFi sector. It seems that native cryptocurrency is a good long term investment. Since the price for CRO is quite affordable, digital asset might become a great addition to the crypto portfolio. 

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. While price analysis is a useful tool, it should not be considered predictive for the future performance of any investment instrument.