(CRO) Price Prediction for 2020 (previously called Monaco) project was established in 2016 to provide users with the possibility to work with cryptocurrencies using a plastic card. The implementation of such an idea for the blockchain platform is a rather complicated task, since linking to bank debit cards is almost impossible to combine with the anonymity of using digital money.

The ICO for the Monaco Card took place in 2017 and collected more than 71,000 ETH. The concept of the platform, which combines the capabilities of an ordinary plastic card and the most popular cryptocurrencies has raised interest among large investors and ordinary market users. developers have proposed a combined system that allows the simultaneous use of digital and fiat money. Users get the opportunity to store their assets in several currencies at once and freely convert them at the rate provided in real time.

In this context, the following advantages of plastic cards are distinguished:

  • the system supports the most famous and popular cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat money;
  • conversion is carried out automatically – it is enough to indicate the required amount and currency for calculation;
  • plastic cards open access for the use of cryptocurrencies around the world.

In addition, developers have proposed the easy-to-use Monaco application, which runs on iOS and Android mobile devices. App users can manage their assets, replenish their fiat money, monitor the balance and receive notifications of expenses.

As a result, the platform offers a multi-currency platform for storing funds with the ability to convert and use plastic cards. The advantages of such functionality also include a low level of fees – all exchange operations between cryptocurrencies are not subject to fees, 1% is charged for converting digital money to fiat.

CRO Coin Fundamental Value is known for its cards for transferring Bitcoin and Ether. At the same time, has the second token – CRO. This is the main token of the Chain system. CRO tokens can be used: 

  • When exchanging assets between various blockchains – for example, exchanging BTC for ETH, or other options available in the Chain. 
  • When paying for transactions on the Chain network. This is how the procedure for creating blocks in the blockchain is paid. 
  • When confirming transactions passing through the network.

In December 2018, the Chain cryptocurrency airdrop was launched for MCO token holders. Each owner of the wallet can receive tokens, except for citizens and residents of China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Switzerland, and the USA.

Tokens are distributed every month, and the airdrop will last five years. For every 1000 MCO, the user can get about 5276 CRO. It should be noted that tokens received as a result of distribution are blocked for a year. Moreover, if at the time of unlocking the amount of MCO in the account is equal to or exceeds the amount that was at the time of the airdrop, the user receives the entire amount of issued CRO tokens. 

If the amount of MCO keeps from 50% to 99% of what it was at the time of issue, a proportional amount of CRO is credited to the wallet. If the amount of MCO is less than 50% of the available at the time of the airdrop, the user loses all tokens received at the time of the corresponding monthly distribution. To avoid this, Chain wallet owners should keep their cryptocurrency without selling it for no good reason.

Stock SymbolCRO
Asset TypeCoin 
Network typeBlockchain
Curr. Price$0.046867
Curr. Supply / Total Supply13,266,666,667 / 100 000 000 00 CRO
ROI since launch137.08%
Launch date15 December 2018
Official Website Price History

Since CRO is a relatively new cryptocurrency, its price hasn’t changed much. We can see that CRO price spiked to $0.10 in March and July 2019. They correspond with airdrops and general crypto market ascents.

CRO price history.jpg
CRO price history 2019 (CRO) Technical Analysis

Let’s observe CRO market projections. Here’s a technical analysis from TradingView:

CRO technical analysis.jpg

The majority of users recommend selling CRO since the coin does not show the signs of growth so far. Community Reputation coin is quite popular among the crypto community, especially after rebranding. We can see that the hype around the cryptocurrency is raising during the periods of airdrop:

crypto com google trends.jpg in Google trends

Opinions on

Generally, the crypto community is excited about the cross-currency exchange enabled by That’s why people expect a serious growth, and their chain price prediction is generally positive.

The exchange is working in beta mode, which means CRO will be actively used in the nearest weeks. This is a real opportunity to raise hype and watch CRO price grow. 

Here is what people think about it: price prediction is quite positive:

A lot depends on how successful the exchange will be. If the project performs well and manages to attract a lot of users, CRO cost should grow exponentially.

What to expect from (CRO)?

There are practically no price predictions from Internet users, but we analyzed CRO price forecasts from the most popular prediction websites.

Coinpredictor CRO Price Prediction

According to, in 2020 CRO token price can reach $0.1034. We think that it’s unlikely for CRO to lose half of its price this year – the project has new releases and products which is likely to attract investors and raise CRO value.

Walletinvestor CRO Price Prediction

According to Walletinvestor, CRO price will be $0.0444 in 2020. This is a pretty fair CRO token price prediction. However, we believe that the token might achieve even higher value. CRO Price Prediction

The 1-year CRO price prediction is $0.0734. In 2021, CRO will cost $0.08. By 2025, CRO will cost $0.14. This is a pretty realistic price prediction, though CRO can be of higher value if the project becomes more popular among the crypto community.

Digitalcoin CRO Price Prediction

In 2020, price might reach $0.07797101. That seems to be the most viable option.

Our opinion

We are sure that is a highly prospective project, so is its coin. If the company and its exchange get more popular and successful in 2020, (CRO) price prediction is $0.07 for the next year – it has every possibility to double the value.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. While price analysis is a useful tool, it should not be considered predictive for the future performance of any investment instrument.

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