NANO Price Prediction For 2020-2025

NANO cryptocurrency has been developed by the Nano Foundation and appeared in 2015. The team followed the original Bitcoin plan, intending for NANO to become virtual money for everyday use, a replacement for traditional currencies. NANO solves scalability issues, transaction confirmation latency, and corresponding computational problems.

As for the NANO blockchain architecture, it is based on the Directed Acyclic Graph (DAG) where each account is assigned a blockchain. Each blockchain displays user account information and can only be updated by its owner. Nano uses Open Representative Voting (type of PoS) and a small amount of PoW to rate-limit transactions.

When NANO was released, there was no ICO – users could earn tokens by solving captchas (the Captcha Faucet was open for two years). At the beginning, the value of NANO mostly remained at approximately the same level, but by December 2017 it reached $4.02. From that moment onwards, the currency showed steady growth, at one point reaching a $33.34 mark. Today, NANO is sold for around $0.7.

NANO Coin Fundamental Value

Since NANO is based on blockchain technology, this currency has a lot of potential in the long run. Replacing the traditional data structure, NANO is the only digital currency that uses a Block Lattice. That makes network updates faster and also reduces transaction confirmation time. NANO can be used to perform instant payments from your smartphone or PC.

Project nameNano
Stock SymbolNANO
Asset TypeCoin 
Network typeBlockchain
Consensus ProtocolDirected Acyclic Graph 
Hashing AlgorithmBlake2
Curr. Price$0.76
Market cap$101 950 185
Curr. Supply / Total Supply133 248 297 / 133 248 297 NANO 
ROI since launch8 304,38%
Launch dateOctober 24th, 2015
Official Website 

Nano Coin 2018 Price History

Let’s analyze what happened to Nano coin in 2018.

Nano price history 2018.jpg
NANO Price history 2018

As we can see, NANO experienced a major price loss during 2018. It was mostly caused by the bearish wave on the crypto market – it affected pretty much every crypto coin.

In addition to that, there were some other reasons for the loss of market cap:

  • Lack of advertising and a poorly developed marketing campaign;
  • Nano has serious competition, including crypto giants like Bitcoin.

Thus, the bearish predictions for 2018-2019 came true, and NANO became another victim of the downtrend. Yet, developers made a serious contribution to platform development: it became more decentralized, the transaction time was decreased from 3 seconds to 0.2 seconds, and the ecosystem grew at a pace.

Nano (NANO) Technical Analysis

What is the current state of the NANO market? Let’s check the technical analysis of Nano (NANO) by the experts from TradingView.

NANO technical analysis.jpg

NANO market projection by TradingView. The screenshot was taken on 23/10/19

Nano Community Reputation

The Nano community continues to grow, and the contributions to the project are enormous: it’s supported by independent developers and programmers. Although NANO is rarely seen in media headlines or the news, the blockchain stays relevant and popular.

It can be proven by this graph, showing a steady interest in the coin:

NANO in search trends.jpg
NANO search trend

In 2018-2019, major Nano news included further decentralization and decrease in transaction time (from 3 seconds to 0.2 seconds).

Influencers Projections on Nano

Nano doesn’t receive much attention from crypto influencers, but regular users are mostly optimistic about its future.

What about Nano price predictions? Here’s what Twitter users think:

Experts are not in a hurry to express their opinion on the coin, but we have found a few NANO price predictions on various trusted websites and crypto media. Here are a few of those opinions on the future of NANO:

  • Scott Cook from CryptoNewsz claims that Nano will retain the majority of its users and can grow to $2.50 by the end of 2019.
  • Reddit users claim that they will be happy if NANO price beats $5 by 2020, but it seems to be less and less likely as Q4 2019 approaches. The most bearish forecasts mention the $0,30 level.
  • Wallet Investor website has predicted that NANO might fall down to $0.08. At the same time, it states that the NANO price will be around $0.24 in a year, by October 2020.
  • Cryptoground claims that Nano price might reach $1.10 and keep on growing.
  • DigitalCoinPrice gives a positive NANO price prediction: $2.44 in 2021, and $2.94 in 2022.
  • The prediction from TradingBeasts seems too optimistic: they say that NANO price will reach $1,208 by the beginning of August 2020. The highest expected price is $1,581, the lowest $1,075.
  • AlanMasters, one of the top-rated users on TradingView, expressed the idea that NANO can gain +130% if it enters an uptrend (meaning it could touch the $2.3 level).

A few predictions indicate that Nano is accumulating volume to touch somewhere around the $2 level:

Prediction websites provide pretty pessimistic forecasts: Nano isn’t going to make any significant leaps during the following months or even years. It’s expected to stay at the same level of about $1.3-1.5 during 2019-2020.

What about NANO predictions for 2021-2025?

  • Cryptoground claims that Nano might reach $24 by 2025.
  • According to Capitanaltcoin, NANO will be $300+ in 2023, and can even reach the $3,000 level by 2025.
  • By the end of 2022 Nano will reach $2.4, by the end of 2023 – $2.7, according to TradingBeasts

A few more predictions published on the WalletInvestor website:

What to expect from Nano Price in 2020?

The future of Nano depends on two things: crypto market projection and the new development milestones.

Some said that the bullish market for altcoins should have started in Fall 2019, and it did, but it was very short, and by now altcoins returned to their initial positions. Since there have been no signs of another bullish trend, and no breaking news from NANO are expected, the coin’s price is likely to stay at its current level.

As for the nearest future, Nano price in 2020 should hold around $1.5-3.0. A lot depends on the situation in the crypto market. In the worst-case scenario, it will go back to the $1 level. In the best – overcome the $3 threshold.

What about Nano price predictions for 2025? It’s too early to tell: the cryptocurrency market is very volatile, and the level of competition is extremely high.

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