Top-10 Best Bitcoin and Crypto Memes 2021

Whatever happens, it is vital to see the bright side of trouble. What does help you to endure the pain and see the issue from a different perspective? Humour! Since we are living in the digital age, we constantly consume a tremendous amount of information daily. And let’s face it, we spend quite a time looking and reading for memes. To cheer you up and just provide several minutes of joy, Changelly has gathered the funniest (in our own opinion) memes of 2020 and 2021. Here we go. 

Best BTC Memes

#1. Bitcoin Boom: 2021 Edition

The new year has started with an updated BTC maximum. The new all-time-high (ATH) was fixed on January 8 when the price of the main cryptocurrency hit $41,941. But before BTC went straight to the moon, it spent several months accelerating its positions on the crypto market. Even Elon Musk shared his vision on the BTC bull run at the end of 2020. And boy, this is such a true story. 

#2. It’s Too Late to Buy BTC

it is too late to buy btc changelly edition

How many of your friends have told you something like “I had to buy BTC in 2018!” or “I wish I didn’t sell my BTC in 2018!”? We bet there were a few. Such moments of regret will always be a part of the game. The crypto market is highly volatile, so one should either have nerves of steel or be high enough to let the situation go. FOMO is the worst thing that can happen when you are involved in the crypto industry. Unfortunately, the crypto roller-coaster will always be following the path of constant ups and downs.

By the way, we’ve recently explained How to overcome FOMO in crypto. Perhaps, you can find some useful tips there.  

#3. Buy Low, Sell High, or…

a trader that bought btc at 40,000

Immature crypto investors might face money loss when following the hype regarding a certain crypto asset. Such a FUD tactic will bring only crying the river over money spent. However, if you don’t have issues with patience, you might be lucky enough to fix the profit in the following months/years/decades. The golden rule of any crypto investor or trader is that one must invest only the amount of money he/she is not afraid to lose. Otherwise, you risk losing it all. 

#4. Technically, Millionaire

a guy forgot a password from his btc wallet

Since BTC is now traded at about $30,000+ per coin, many have remembered they have some “spare coins” on their wallets. The problem is, some of the “potential millionaires” have forgotten the password which should unlock their crypto funds. This meme is based on a true (and sad) story of a German-born developer and crypto enthusiast Stefan Thomas and it sounds like the next scary TV show on Netflix.

Thomas stored BTC private keys on a hard drive IronKey. His BTC wallet keeps coins that are currently worth around $200 million. He tried to remember the password but failed. Another problem is that he only has two attempts left before the information stored on IronKey will be locked forever. We wish you all the best, Stefan Thomas! 

Best DeFi Memes

Last year was definitely the year of decentralized finance (DeFi) and its components like liquidity pools, yield farming, etc. We’ve witnessed how Chef Nomi stole millions of dollars from the SushiSwap exchange and then gave it back, saw how DeFi locked value hot $13.6 billion, and so on. DeFi keeps being a hot trend, so here are the best memes.

#5. Yield Farming Is Easy They Say

a guy explains a girl how yield farming works

Yield farming was a real thing in 2020. However, the way it actually works is so tangled and complicated that one just follows a certain strategy in order to get profit. And it works! There are hundreds of videos, tutorials, and articles that explain how to start earning on liquidity pools. This meme perfectly describes the essentials. 

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#6. Is It a Uniswap? No! It’s Gnosis!

gnosis balancer and uniswap meme

Following the market trend, the new DeFi platforms appeared. Needless to say, that they all have the same mechanism in mind and as a result look alike. However, the wider is the choice, the better. Please, before getting into any crypto project, do not forget to do your own research (DYOR). This might save you both time and money. 

#7. Trust Issues

defi coins claimed to be eth meme

We’ve survived Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) hype. And now we are facing something new yet alike. Most of the DeFi coins are Ethereum-based. However, not all of them are worth your attention and trust. It concerns both regular and institutional investors. To not cry over a spilled milk in the future, examine the DeFi project carefully before investing. Be safe! 

#8. Justin Sun Partners with Everybody

justin sun partnered with everybody

One cannot blame the founder of Tron, Justin Sun, to be everywhere. Despite the fact that Mr. Sun always makes announcements (and even announces that he will make an announcement soon), he is one of the engines that move the industry toward mass adoption. However, it does not make memes about Justin Sun less funny. 

Best Altcoins Memes

#9. XRP or RIP?

how much is xrp

Ripple (XRP) has suffered a lot. It will be fair to say that one of the biggest cryptocurrencies (by market capitalization) is experiencing rough times. The U.S Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) charges Ripple with conducting $1.3 billion unregistered securities. Such an announcement has crashed XRP price. It seems that Ripple might not endure the SEC problem. As they say, the meme is funny, the situation is terrible. 

#10. Ground Control to ETH

eth and buterin evolution

The crypto market has turned green. BTC, along with the rest of the altcoins, now lives in outer space. The second cryptocurrency in the industry, Ethereum, has recently hit ATH of $1,467 and it does not feel that it’s going to get back. To be fair, Ethereum is one of those crypto projects that deserve all the success it has now. We wish it all the best and hope to meet it on the other side of the Moon one day.

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