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What is Changelly PRO?

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Changelly PRO is a fully-fledged trading platform that allows users to perform spot and margin trading, as well as make operations with futures.

Our trading platform opens up a huge world of cryptocurrency trading. What can we offer?

  • Multi-currency wallet to store a variety of coins
  • Interactive and customizable terminal
  • Margin and futures trading 
  • Access to 50+ markets
  • Competitive trading fees
  • Lowest withdrawal fees on the most popular coins and tokens
  • Simple registration process
  • 24/7 multi-lingual support and learning materials
  • Both desktop and mobile access

How to create an account?

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Creating an account on PRO is as easy as 1-2-3. Just click the ‘Sign up’ button in the upper right corner of the homepage. After the registration page is open, fill in the following info:

  • Email. The email address acts as a unique identifier of your Changelly PRO account. This email CANNOT be changed later if it has already been used for a new account. That is why we highly recommend you NOT use temporary/throwaway email addresses. Also, please do NOT use your work/school emails, since they may be blocked by the administrator of your work/school system.  
  • Password, which must include at least 8 characters and consist of uppercase and lowercase letters, and digits.

After you’re done, click the ‘Finish registration’ button, and check your inbox for a confirmation email. If it is not received in 2-5 minutes, please check your ‘Spam’ folder.

Click the link in your email to activate your Changelly PRO account. Activation can be considered successful if you are redirected to the Changelly PRO trading terminal.

After you’re redirected, you’ll be asked to confirm that you’re at a legal age as set in your country and that you agree with Changelly PRO Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Click “Confirm” and you’re all set! 

Note: We recommend you sign in to your account regularly. If you don’t do it for a prolonged period of time, we will temporarily disable your account for security reasons.

What currencies does Changelly PRO support?

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Feel free to check the online-updated list on the System Monitor page. There you can also see if an asset is currently under maintenance.

How to contact the Changelly PRO support team?

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To contact our Support team, you should click the “Submit a ticket” button in the upper right corner on this page. 

Then choose “Changelly PRO” in the “Platform” field and specify the issue type in the next field.

Then enter the required data and describe your issue in detail and click the green “SUBMIT” button at the bottom of the page. 

Otherwise, you can also contact us via email at [email protected].

Our Support team will soon reply to your query. We usually reply within several minutes. 

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