Crypto Elite in Davos – World Economic Forum 2020

World economic forum overview by Changelly

The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting occurred from the 20th to the 24th of January 2020 in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland – focused around bringing together stakeholders for a cohesive and sustainable world. 

From the point of view of Antonio Bileci, Changelly PR Director: 

“Coming into Davos-Klosters, from Zurich Main Station via train is something magical, viewing a beautiful winter wonderland – from spectacular wooden chalets to the majestic views of the alps, it’s really a glory to behold. It was great rubbing shoulders with the world’s elite in technology, finance, sustainability, economics, agriculture and politics, and it’s one forum I would recommend to all those that have never gone, although the question is will I go again in 2021? That is still to be decided.”

Davos-Klosters between the 20th and 24th of January can be summed up as well-presented, organized Chaos. This year, contrary to previous years, more decision-makers and world leaders within the blockchain/crypto industries arrived in Davos. These breakers of the status quo also organized a lot of separate blockchain-based events, and conferences, while also partook in other forums that blockchain-based technology can aid in their respective development. The main crypto events that took place last week related to crypto are as follows: 

Crypto Valley Week 

CV Labs Summit | STO & Exchange Forum | CV Labs Incubation Day

Date: 21-23 January 2020

What: Crypto Valley Week is a series of high-level blockchain events designed to showcase the Swiss Blockchain Ecosystem as one of the leading blockchain innovation and investment ecosystems in the world. Events that took place during Crypto Valley Week brought together decentralized thinkers, investors, researchers & academics, startup founders, crypto enthusiasts, corporates, ecosystem supporters, interested high profile individuals and policymakers.

Thoughts: Changelly and most other big players in the game chose to support Crypto Valley Week in 2020, both by sponsoring the event, and taking part in speaking opportunities, panels and private investment talks. The incubation day was engaging and very well thought out, location was central and lots of very interesting people were available to talk to. The STO & Exchange Forum was also very engaging, with a wide array of industry leaders being present. Their flagship event, the CV Summit at the Intercontinental Conference Centre boasted a wonderful view of Davos from above, practically seen as one of the most professional events seen in recent years within the blockchain industry, with speeches surrounding the history, the present, and the future of crypto. 

Blockchain Economic Forum

Date: 20 – 24 January 2020

What: A conference focusing around a decentralised finance system, the Blockchain Economic Forum facilitates the discussions of the most important topics of the crypto economy and its growing influence on the global economy. 

Thoughts: Great line-up of excellent speakers, and panels. The main events were happening on Monday and Thursday. In between these day events, there were multiple receptions catering to all that want to discuss with crypto heavy-weights. While the Blockchain Economic Forum had the backing of the famous LaToken company, there was some disorganization within the conference from time to time. Nevertheless, a very good conference, with great networking opportunities.  

EmTech Investment Meeting

Date: 20 – 22 January 2020

What: The Emerging Technologies Investment Meeting and EmTech Investment Club is a platform for professional investors and traders who are interested in impact investments and emerging technologies.

Thoughts: Emerging technology companies merging with the traditional, creating balance and a way forward for the future. The EmTech event did not shy away from being one of the go-to places for the crypto community to flock at, from institutional investors to the average everyday ICO, attending the EmTech events were nothing short of a great networking opportunity and a place to learn about what’s next in 2020. 

Other events attended were: Digital.Davos.2020, Blockbase 2020, Russia House, Cyber Future Dialogue, Blockchain Pitching Session, Golden Eye Tech Dinner, Swedish Lunch, 6 Wave, Davos Africa Night and many, many more. Going into each of these would have been a little too much I’m afraid. 

Summarized thoughts about Crypto Events in Davos-Klosters

When looking at all the events focused around crypto and blockchain, relative to those within other industries that attended and organised such forums in Davos this year, it was not as expected, not in the slightest. Before visiting Davos, for the first time, you think your time in town will be reminiscent of the everyday life of A-List celebrities, business moguls, and down-right millionaires. But it isn’t like that, and to live happily in Davos during WEF week, dare I say it, you’d have to be a billionaire. Here are the pros and cons about the events, and Davos WEF week in general:


  • Great for networking (Cannot express this enough)
  • Beautiful scenery in Davos 
  • Well equipped hotels, and professional staff
  • Superb security through the week


  • Way too expensive (Cannot express this enough)
  • Disorganized events 
  • Lots of questions left unanswered from the events management team 
  • Too cold as a place for so many people 
  • Transport is not as accessible as it may seem 
  • GPS barely works through phone 
  • Cell signal isn’t great 
  • Disorganized badges/tickets adoption to enter events
  • Superb security through the week, while good can be annoying 

Tips & Tricks for Davos 2021

If I knew about just a few tips and tricks like these before going to Davos WEF week, I would have been much better prepared for what was to come: 

  • Book accommodation in Klosters, cheaper than central Davos, and just a stone throw away.  
  • Book accommodation in advance (6 months in advance minimum) or book accommodation one, or two days before the actual event, just don’t blame me if you don’t find a place. 
  • If flying to Zurich, rent a car (rent it in advance) and drive to Davos/Klosters from the airport, only 1.5hrs. Don’t use the car to drive to events while there though, catch a train, it’s easier/cheaper/less stressful. 
  • The real networking happens at night at the clubs/parties/bars, make sure to utilize your friends at Google, Facebook, SAP, Microsoft and so forth and get to all the major events – that’s where the real deals go down.  
  • Always keep a form of identification on you in case security/police ask you for it (very high security in Davos during WEF). 
  • RSVP for conferences, and events happening in Davos way in advance via contacts, networks or the Davos App (even when in Davos keep updating the app and see what new conferences come up). 
  • Get your security badge sorted as soon as possible, in Davos many hotels do not let anyone just up and enter them without a Davos issued registration badge, and sadly most of the events happen in these hotels (These badges are town-issued, and not part of the event organisers). So even if you’ve got a VVIP ticket, and you’re the CEO of a billion-dollar Fortune 500 company without a security badge, you’re not getting in. Deal with this by speaking to the event organisers in advance, they’ll send you a few links and forms to fill in, at an extra charge of course. 
  • Put on your career socks, let your outgoing personality flow within you, and most of all don’t be shy. Get those leads coming!