How to Exchange Cryptocurrency Instantly?

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At Changelly we continually work on our products to provide better user experience to the global crypto community. We want to thank all Changelly users for giving us valuable feedback, thus helping us to understand your needs and wishes.

It’s of particular importance for the Changelly space team to create products that can easily be used by both experienced crypto enthusiasts and beginners who are just entering the crypto space. To prove this point, here’s a convenient tutorial on how to swap one crypto for another in a few easy steps using the Changelly website. 

1. To start an exchange open the Changelly website and enter your Changelly account. We only require your email to sign up.

Choose the crypto pair you want to exchange and enter the amount. For this tutorial, we’ve chosen the ETH-DOGE crypto pair. You can also choose between fixed and floating rate exchanges by using the rate switch placed on the top of the exchange window. Press ‘Exchange now’ to proceed.

2. Check the crypto pair and the amount once again, make sure you are okay with the exchange rate (whether it’s fixed or floating). View transaction details such as the exchange fee, the network fee, the estimated arrival time. 

Paste the wallet address that the crypto resulting from the exchange will be sent to. Once that’s done, click ‘Next step’ to proceed.

exchange crypto on changelly

3. View the order summary on the Checkout step, then click the ‘Confirm and make payment’ button. 

trade doge coin on changelly

4. Send the exact amount of crypto to the address provided by Changelly in one transaction. To do that:

  • Copy the address or scan the QR-code with your wallet app; 
  • Go to your crypto wallet and paste the Changelly address into the corresponding field. 

Please take into account that you have 36 hours to send your funds, otherwise the transaction will be canceled automatically.

crypto tutorial

5. The exchange process begins. It consists of three stages, namely:

  • Getting confirmation. Once ETH is confirmed on the blockchain, we start exchanging it to DOGE.
  • Exchanging. This process usually takes from 5 to 30 minutes. Please wait.
  • Sending to your wallet. Now we’re sending DOGE to your wallet. Check the wallet once the transaction is complete.

6. Congratulations, Changellion! The transaction is completed, and now you can check your DOGE wallet. Note that although the transaction is finished, in some cases your wallet may need additional confirmation to display your received funds. All you should do is wait until your funds are displayed.

Usually, Changelly transactions take 5-30 minutes. It depends on blockchain confirmations. If you have any troubles with the exchange process, let us know at [email protected]


We kindly ask you to pay your attention to cryptocurrencies’ rates. Changelly does not use CoinMarketCap-like aggregators as a reference point of the current rates. The coin price always depends on the market depth and volumes you are trying to sell or buy. We exchange the exact crypto amount, not the fiat equivalent. So, it cannot be used as a reference while checking crypto amounts.


Have a nice swap!