D’CENT & Solid Crypto Protection

A slim shadowy figure makes her way through the city, a black metal box pressed to the chest as if it was the greatest treasure in the world. Other shadows follow. Suddenly, an immense and ugly ogre jumps out of the corner, blocking the way, his armor flickering in the dim light of the city slums.

The girl with the box stops for a second, frothing at the mouth after a long run, and then throws the box right into the ogre’s face! A horrible cracking sound follows — the foe is completely frozen! Large chunks of once a living monster tumble to the ground. This is the power of the D’CENT hardware wallet, one of the coldest and coolest storages the world has ever seen. 

What Is a Hardware Wallet?

To access your crypto wallet, you’ve got to have its keys. Storing these precious keys is a matter of the highest priority. You have different options: keep crypto hidden in an online wallet, with a risk that anyone in the world can try to access it, or store your coins in an offline hardware wallet. The latter option is called “cold storage.” According to the most prominent experts in the DeFi market, cold wallets are the safest way to store assets.

Other than security, a hardware wallet offers a number of features: a built-in fingerprint sensor for authentication, an OLED display, Bluetooth for connecting to smartphones, and buttons for urgent operations. 

What Is a D’CENT Wallet?

In the world of hardware wallets, D’CENT is the Minas Tirith. 

The D’CENT hardware wallet combines both software and hardware security solutions. It was designed by IoTrust, a company with a mission to create deeply embedded security solutions that protect users’ digital assets at all costs. 

D’CENT offers three types of wallets to bring you peace of mind: a biometric wallet, a card-type wallet, and a software wallet. There’s plenty to choose from! Moreover, the D’CENT wallet allows its users to keep and manage NFTs on different blockchains. 

D’CENT Wallet Superpowers

Superpower: Biometric Wallet

The D’CENT biometric wallet’s superpower can’t be blocked in the attack. When threatened, the wallet freezes everything it touches, except its master. 

  • +200 Security

A hardware wallet instantly boosts your security when equipped, leaving no chances for crypto thieves.

  • +300 Robustness

Taking the D’CENT wallet to a battle is like bringing your war elephant to a jousting tournament. It’s absolutely overpowering.

How to Win a D’CENT Wallet

Do you have an ace up your sleeve? Are you ready to meet the dangers of the DeFi wasteland? D’CENT and Changelly prepared special competitions for those who thrive in challenging conditions.

Make haste and head to Changelly on Twitter! 5 lucky contestants will win a D’CENT physical wallet.

What’s that? D’CENT biometric wallet is a top-notch gadget that helps you store your crypto assets safely and securely. Wanna be the true owner of your private keys? Well, with the D’CENT wallet, this will no longer be an issue. So, how to get a D’CENT biometric wallet? 

  • Subscribe to Changelly and D’CENT Twitter accounts.
  • Like and retweet the post with the announcement.
  • Answer the question in the thread with the announcement post.
  • Download the Changelly and D’CENT applications.

In this giveaway, we are going to use the Gleam platform to determine the winners. Don’t you worry! We will pin the link to Gleam so that you can complete all the steps mentioned above with just several clicks.