Cryptocurrency News Outlets

cryptocurrency news outlets

We consume an enormous amount of information daily. Most of us start the day by scrolling the news and checking updates on social networks. The blockchain industry is in its infancy, yet it has trustable news sources that provide comprehensive articles and news about crypto events. 

Changelly itself offers educational materials to help crypto newcomers with sophisticated blockchain technology. We’ve collected a list of cryptocurrency news outlets that offer high-quality content for you to stay up to date on the latest news about the crypto industry. 

Daily Crypto News


cointelegraph logo

Cointelegraph is the number one cryptocurrency news resource in terms of the quality and uniqueness of the content. Having a vast global audience along with a solid reputation, Cointelegraph has been providing news in its recognizable manner since 2013.  

The media outlet provides exclusive insights and interviews from crypto influencers and happens to be the first on a crypto news frontier. 

In 2019, Cointelegraph introduced a new subdivision from the main outlet – Magazine by Cointelegraph. It offers long reads and research articles written in a remarkable Cointelegraph fashion. 

  • Founded: 2013
  • Supported languages: English, Spanish, Arabian, Italian, Chinese, Korean, Deutsch, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish 
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 6.3M
  • Website: Cointelegraph 


coindesk logo

Just like Cointelegraph CoinDesk was founded in 2013. The digital media outlet is famous for its fast reaction to the continuous crypto news flow. CoinDesk’s influence and reputation provide readers with unique interviews and engaging educational materials. 

In 2016, Digital Currency Group (DCG) acquired the CoinDesk platform to boost the growth of the blockchain ecosystem and mainstream the crypto industry. 

“As the information needs of the blockchain ecosystem grow, CoinDesk will gain the resources and colleagues it needs to better serve readers with the high-quality, independent journalism readers have come to expect,” explained CoinDesk CEO Jeremy Bonney. 

CoinDesk attracts journalists around the globe to explain complicated things in a comprehensive way.  

  • Founded: 2013
  • Supported languages: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese 
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 4.3M
  • Website: CoinDesk

Long Reads/Educational

Bitcoin Magazine

btc magazine logo

Ethereum co-founders, Vitalik Buterin and Mihai Alisie, founded Bitcoin Magazine in 2012 to provide insightful materials about Bitcoin (BTC) and blockchain technology in general. 

In late 2014, BTC Media LLC acquired Bitcoin Magazine, yet the editorial policy didn’t change much. According to the about section, Bitcoin Magazine has a dedicated editorial staff that is independent of BTC Media’s other commercial properties.

Bitcoin Magazine doesn’t publish press releases and any kind of news in exchange for payment, which makes the media source an independent outlet with strong values and beliefs. 

  • Founded: 2012
  • Supported languages: English
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 100.2K
  • Website: Bitcoin Magazine

Hacker Noon

hackernoon logo

Hacker Noon was started as a channel on the Medium platform and has grown to its own brand with 6 million monthly users. It is an independent tech media site that sheds light on difficult blockchain concepts and explains them in simple terms. Having content contributors who are actually into technology, Hacker Noon is constantly providing high-quality articles. 

Hacker Noon does not track its readers, so be sure you won’t see an irritating advertisement for trainers you’ve been searching for. 

  • Founded: 2016
  • Supported languages: English
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 6M
  • Website: Hacker Noon

Social Networks


medium logo

Medium is a universal provider to any topic you are interested in. The cryptocurrency sector is covered nicely so users can meet detailed long reads from crypto enthusiasts and the blockchain experts. Some of the crypto projects use Medium as a blog spot to post essential news and updates regarding their companies.  

Medium is a convenient place to read crypto long reads as the platform offers a minimalistic design. However, the searching engine might be tricky. 

  • Founded: 2012
  • Supported languages: English
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 213.8M
  • Website: Medium



Steemit was conceived to be a limitless network for content makers. Being built upon the Steem blockchain, Steemit incentivizes users with the STEEM cryptocurrency for content creation while staying a decentralized place that is free of censorship. Please note that there is no way to recover a Steemit account in case you lose your password, as it’s powered by the blockchain. 

Steemit provides quite comprehensive and sophisticated long reads about distributed ledgers and other technological solutions. 

The recent scandal around Justin Sun and the Steemit community has resulted in the Steem hard fork, Hive. A small revolution within the community occurred in an attempt to protect decentralized values the Steemit initially had preached.   

  • Founded: 2016
  • Supported languages: 30+ languages 
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 7.3M
  • Website: Steemit


reddit logo

The Reddit platform is ranked #22 on the list of global websites. With a billion monthly users, Reddit is a vast space for any topic you can imagine. Thousands of cryptocurrency and blockchain channels unite enthusiasts, professionals, and beginners to discuss anything regarding the topic. 

Reddit users can share the latest cryptocurrency news to stay up to date with a rapidly changing blockchain environment. The crypto channels are full of experts and developers who can help you with pretty much any question about the blockchain industry. 

  • Founded: 2005
  • Supported languages: English
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 1.5B
  • Website: Reddit

Conventional Outlets


forbes logo

Forbes is a reputable media outlet with a long history behind it. As soon as the blockchain and crypto topics have started to gain the momentum, Forbes introduced a separate thread to publish articles about a brand new financial technology. 

The notorious news about the TON blockchain, Bitcoin’s fluctuations, and so on are covered quite well. However, if you are more than a regular crypto novice, Forbes’s articles might seem tedious at some point.    

  • Website Founded: 1996
  • Supported languages: 25+
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 173.3M
  • Website: Forbes



Bloomberg has been a reliable provider of financial data and software tools since 1981. With that in mind, Bloomberg LP created Bloomberg News agency to provide core financial news to its subscribers. 

Once crypto took its niche in the financial world, Bloomberg has started to observe cryptocurrency news more closely. Bloomberg is a media outlet about finance, so cryptocurrency is primarily reviewed from the financial angle. Analytical and overview articles will perfectly work for crypto traders and those who are into FinTech.

Note also, that Bloomberg requires a subscription for unlimited access to both basic Bloomberg articles and cryptocurrency news. 

  • Founded: 1990
  • Supported languages: English
  • Monthly visits (according to SimilarWeb): 112.7M
  • Website: Bloomberg


The crypto industry is developing and so is the quality of produced blockchain content. It is important to attract experienced IT authors who can write about difficult things in a simple and engaging way. This will bring the day of mass adoption closer and help to spread decentralized technology globally. Current cryptocurrency news outlets are doing great, but we expect to see more crypto news channels to come. 

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