Eric Benz Talks Crypto with Renato Schumacher, CEO of Levolution

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Changelly has recently listed LEVL, making it available for swaps to over 160 cryptocurrencies. Levolution, the company that developed this token, is an innovative platform that helps crypto projects and entrepreneurs hold ITOs by providing them with expert support and giving them easy and intuitive access to all the tools necessary to develop, build, market, launch, and optimize their campaigns.

For today’s Crypto Talks, we’ve interviewed Levolution CEO Renato Schumacher, who talked in great detail about the project and its mission. He also shared his opinion on the recent events in the industry and crypto mass adoption.

Hello and welcome to Changelly! Could you tell me more about your project and its history?

Levolution was founded in 2018, with the intention to marry the latest blockchain technology with a groundbreaking token offering platform. As commonly known, there are several barriers to entry when attempting to launch a token offering; Levolution helps companies and entrepreneurs attack these barriers almost effortlessly. We do so by issuing our users with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

We will help those who want to leverage the value of token offerings, regardless of their experience. Levolution helps you build, develop, market, launch, and optimize your token offering project. Yes, every single step can be done on our platform.

Changelly has recently listed your token, LEVL. What role does it play in your project? 

The listing of LEVL on Changelly is a tremendous milestone for Levolution and our community members. We expect that the listing will spark more interest in LEVL within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Changelly has a reputation as one of the most trustworthy and trailblazing exchanges in the market, so we are certain that the listing will also serve as a seal of approval for Levolution and give further rise to our community.

You name the ability of clients to be fully in control when optimizing their campaigns as one of your unique selling points. Could you tell me a bit more about that?

Not all Blockchain projects have the same needs and/or goals, and we’ve simply chosen to take that into consideration. We issue our users the ability to fully adapt their campaign based on their given needs. We also understand that the industry is ever-evolving, so it is important that we issue our users free rein to optimize their projects accordingly.

Levolution users are able to customize and optimize their campaign through our easy-to-use platform, which grants them the opportunity to create smart contracts and obtain experienced and reputable service providers who will help them make their campaigns a success.  

As more crypto projects are gearing up to hold ITOs, more companies that are ready to prepare them for it appears. What sets you apart from the competition?

The Levolution platform has been coded and developed, in house, by some of Germany’s finest Blockchain developers. Having world-renowned Blockchain developers on our team grants us the ability to be very adaptive to the ever-evolving industry; making it quite easy for us to add new features, stay ahead of the latest industry trends, and offer different forms of offerings (ITO, STO, etc) to our token offering creators.

How has the market changed since the ATHs in 2017 and the subsequent crypto winter? What do you think caused the market to crash after such unprecedented growth?

The crypto market has changed immensely since the ATHs in 2017 and crypto winter; succeeding every winter comes spring, giving new and purposeful life to the blockchain ecosystem. The flashy start-ups and other impractical projects lacked support from the blockchain community and could not survive that grueling time in crypto history. Ultimately, those projects were washed out and high-quality projects were able to maintain and emerge from this treacherous point in time. 

Today, people are more aware and understanding of the blockchain ecosystem as a whole. Before any decisions are made more time is spent researching projects. Projects that survived the crypto winter show fundamental signs of strength. There is much less overhype and speculators making predisposed judgment. Every healthy market has a market cycle; the crash was inevitable, but it has made way for respectable projects.

Experts’ opinions on future crypto price dynamics vary wildly. What do you think are the most likely medium-term outcomes?

We have mixed feelings about the pricing dynamic of crypto, we aren’t sure how the crypto market will react to the induced stimulus money issued by governments across the globe. With that being said, we are confident that people now realize and are able to identify the inefficiencies of the current system and switch to a decentralized currency.

What recent events in your opinion have furthered crypto mass adoption? Do you think cryptocurrencies will ever be able to compete with fiat currencies, and if so, when?

Recently, the involvement of large companies in industries outside of blockchain has substantially contributed to the mass adoption of crypto. Some of these companies include American Express, PayPal, Oracle, and many more. These companies are continuously finding innovative ways to harness the power of blockchain technology.

Mass adoption will truly take place when all inefficient systems and projects are replaced by projects that aid to solve those inefficiencies. This can be done through the formation of token offering projects, which brings us back to the Levolution platform. There are numerous ways in which blockchain technology can be used; the issue is finding an efficient way to turn those ideas into viable projects, that’s exactly what Levolution provides to our users. 

Finally, a question we ask every guest: what would you have asked Satoshi if you knew for sure he is the person standing in front of you?

We would ask Satoshi if he expected Bitcoin to have ever reached its current state, and does it align with his envision of Bitcoin? If not, what needs to be changed? 

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