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With the beginning of another working week, we’re here with the latest news from the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain. While governors all over the globe still have more questions than answers about Libra, France opens doors for the new ICO companies launches, and Iran is about to legitimate cryptocurrency mining; Binance keeps on launching new projects every week, and China is issuing first-ever Bitcoin movie. But first things first, have a nice read!

All Eyes on Libra: US Senate Hearings End-to-End

The debates around Libra had gathered steam over past weeks. On July, 16-17th, the not-yet-existing stablecoin has faced another test, namely US Senate hearing. Read the overview of the whole process on

The First Bitcoin Movie Will Storm Chinese Big Screens

They say “picture’s worth a thousand words”. Well, Filmmakers from China entirely agree with this statement. Hence, the first ever Bitcoin movie “Sage Thief” dedicated to cryptocurrency and blockchain is rushing in Chinese cinemas on October 2019. Read the full story below:

Justin Sun Invites Friends to Lunch with Buffett

This time the invitation came to eToro founder, Yoni Assia. As crypto industry doesn’t tolerate unnecessary formalities, the invitation was sent via Twitter and received an immediate positive reply from Yoni Assia:

Iran to Accept Regulated Crypto Mining

While some countries are restricting cryptocurrencies, the others find new ways how it can support the local communities. According to Iran’s Energy Minister, lawmakers are drafting policies that will require miners to pay for electricity at export rates. The move will pressure mining enterprises into making a positive contribution to the economy which has been battered by a wave of crippling sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. See the full story via the link below.

Binance Is Working on Crypto Exchange Launch in South Korea

The news is not super official yet. However, while having an interview with a local news source in South Korea, CZ CEO Binance has confirmed plans on launching the company’s branch in the country.

France’s Regulators: ICOs Are Here to Stay (Officially)

Since the day of its appearance, ICOs has always been passionately discussed in both: good and bad ways. However, the technology itself has always been an outstanding example of digitalized fundraising. Thus, to make it less criminal, French financial regulators decided to approve crypto-related companies under its new impending crypto rules. Let’s see how it’s gonna work (spoiler: crypto entrepreneurs are NOT very happy):

FunFair Is Now Live with Real-Time Affiliate Technology Across Casino Network

The good news is even better when it’s about your reliable partner. On July 18th FunFair technologies, the market-leading blockchain casino and Changelly’s partner have launched the real-time affiliate payments across the FunFair network. Don’t miss the opportunity to buy FUN token at the best rate through Changelly!

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It’s not you (USA), it’s Blockchain: Steve Wozniak Heads to Malta to Start a New Blockchain Project

Zcash + Ycash = Forever Friends

On July, 19th the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency Zcash was spawned into a new blockchain network called Ycash. Consider this news as an investment advise ? and read the details in the story below:

Binance with Good News, Again

Are you still doubting whether to invest in Binance or not? Here is another story that speaks well for the crypto giant:

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He Said “Yes”: German Central Bank Chief Supports Libra

Not everyone is that skeptic about crypto as the US. Here’s the proof:

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