Top-10 Changelly API Partners: Fueling Up Crypto Businesses Around the Globe


Why reinventing the wheel when there’s an off-the-shelf technology available. Does it make sense to refuse free solutions (and in fact, free help) in web development? Dozens of crypto businesses already use Changelly API which empowers their functionality with the instant exchange option. Some of them were initially built on the API, while others use it to expand the existing functionality. So, in this article, we would like to introduce you to those 10 crypto projects that we proudly call our API partners. But before that let us give you a small reminder on how Changelly API actually works.

How Does Changelly API Work

Changelly API provides interactions between Changelly service and aside applications that use Changelly exchange feature. The API is tightly integrated into the product interface and uses the same algorithms as Changelly website. Hence, the users of the outside service don’t need to leave it for the Changelly website to exchange some crypto.

The API is designed mostly for service providers, such as cryptocurrency wallets, marketplaces or crowdfunding platforms. Worth mentioning that Changelly’s API can be used for both web-services and mobile applications.

TOP-10 Changelly API Partners


This cryptocurrency web wallet needs no introduction. Exodus is the all-in-one wallet to secure, manage, and exchange blockchain assets. The wallet is known for being secure, providing its users with real-time tracking of blockchain assets portfolio. The thought-out customizable interface brings the smoothest use experience to the wallet users.  
Integration of the Changelly’s API into Exodus wallet became a precedent to empower the API functionality with fixed-rate exchange implementation. With that feature, Exodus offers in-wallet exchanges at fixed rates thus guarantees the rate at the moment of the exchange even when the market is highly volatile. Read more about Changelly partnership with Exodus via the link.

Exodus in-wallet exchange
The exchange section of Exodus wallet powered by Changelly


Founded back in 2014, Coinomi is the oldest multi-currency crypto wallet, with millions of active users. The wallet proves to be highly secure as it’s never been hacked or compromised in any possible way since the release date. More than that, for both mobile & desktop variants Coinomi provides native support and true ownership for as many as 125 blockchains & 382 tokens — a total of 507 assets.

Changelly multi-exchange instant feature integrated inside Coinomi makes it not just the wallet to store the largest amount of crypto but to easily exchange these cryptos between each other. The in-wallet exchange provided by Changelly is easy as it consists of just a few steps. Follow the link to see how to swap cryptos inside Coinomi.

Coinomi wallet exchange section
Exchange section in Coinomi wallet powered by Changelly


The other well-known instant crypto exchange service which also uses Changelly’s API is Coinswitch. The distinctive feature of Coinswitch is that it represents a multi-exchange platform which offers various services to choose when exchanging cryptocurrency. Hence, a user can view cryptocurrency exchange rate offered by the range of instant services and crypto exchanges, pick the one that offers the best price and execute a swap.

Coinswitch exchange powered by Changelly
Coinswitch crypto exchange powered by Changelly


CoinPayments is one of the most prominent payment gateways. With the help of Changelly API Coinpayments users can buy online thousands of goods within 100+ cryptocurrencies. And that is a kind of cooperation which contributes to crypto mass adoption the most. You see, online shopping has already become an everyday routine for most of us. And the ability to do familiar things using cryptocurrencies makes blockchain technology a part of our daily life.  

It worth noting that Changelly API can be both: branded or white-labeled. There is no need to visit a third party website to exchange one crypto for another as Changelly’s API, integrated into CoinPayments, allows merchants to accept a good variety of tokens and coins.

With the help of white-labeled version of Changelly API CoinPayments provide a handy tool not only for those who want to buy something for crypto but also for those who want to sell something for it. Shopping Cart plug-ins, Point of Sale interfaces, Donation and Shopping Card Buttons — merchants of all sizes are welcome to use these instruments.


Freewallet is a development company of more than 30 dedicated wallets for the most popular cryptos, along with the multi-currency online crypto wallet enabling to 25 cryptocurrencies, including BTC, ETH, BCHABC, ZCASH, DASH and many more. The wallet is available on iOS, Android as well as a crypto wallet app with a web interface.

Changelly exchange option is built into the wallet interface and enables its users to easily swap dozens of cryptocurrencies within minutes.


Another prominent cryptocurrency wallet that uses Changelly API is BRD or Bread wallet. The bitcoin wallet is well-known as a security-oriented, open source user-friendly product. With more than 2 million users over 150 countries, BRD proves that Bitcoin can be both: safe and easy.
Changelly API is integrated inside BRD interface, thus enabling the crypto-to-crypto exchange directly inside the wallet. See our short how-to-use guide and see for yourself how Changelly and BRD have done the easiest swaps for you.


Another prominent crypto wallet that needs no introduction is Trezor hardware wallet. Trezor represents a small USB device that provides the safest possible way of storing crypto.

With Changelly API Trezor owner can implement the safest crypto-to-crypto exchanges within Trezor easy-to-use browser interface, and initiate transfers to other services, friends, and more. To initiate the Changelly exchange procedure using the Trezor application all you need to do is:

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the account containing the funds to sell
  • Click on the Exchange tab
  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy and the receiving account. It can be a Trezor address or an external address
  • Select Changelly offer
Trezor wallet crypto exchange
Exchange section of Trezor hardware wallet powered by Changelly


MyEtherWallet is not just a cryptocurrency wallet, yet it’s a global crypto community united with the idea of transparency, anonymity, and safety. Moreover, with the launch of the new MEW V5 version, its users can also enjoy the wallet’s usability multiplied by Changelly instant exchange option between dozens of ERC-20 tokens and coins.

Exchange section in MEW V5 crypto wallet powered by Changelly

Read how to swap coin and tokens on MEW V5 in our step-by-step tutorial.

Enjin Wallet

Enjin cryptocurrency wallet is an important component of the Enjin blockchain gaming ecosystem. Imagine yourself gathering gaming artifacts backed with ENJ coins while playing various games, and then melting them into ENJ storing in your Enjin crypto wallet. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

With the help of Changelly API, you then can exchange the earned ENJ income for 140+ cryptocurrencies without even leaving the wallet interface. Below is Enjin video tutorial on how to implement in-wallet swaps with Changelly:

How to Integrate Changelly API

So how Changelly API can be integrated into a crypto product? The detailed instruction on the API implementation is available on the API for developers section of Changelly website.

In case of having any additional questions feel free to ask them to Changelly bizdev team via email [email protected], or write directly to Changelly’s head of bizdev Anna Rosebrook via telegram @annachangelly. Also, the step-by-step guide on API integration is described in this article.

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