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We are happy to see you here and would like to thank you for your interest in contributing to the Changelly Blog. The blockchain and crypto industries are built and developed by progressive and passionate enthusiasts who move the ideas of transparency, trust, and decentralization forward. Let’s educate and enlighten people together!

A Few Words about the Content

Here you can find reliable information about our guidelines and learn what kind of content we expect from you. 

  • Make sure that your article is relevant to the main theme of our blog. We accept topics related to the cryptocurrency and blockchain industries. This includes crypto trading, investing, mining, advanced blockchain features, etc. Please note that we don’t advertise external services, platforms, or goods. We do not promote any casino, gambling, or binary options services.
  • Please use the search bar in the top right corner to check what topics have already been covered. We bet you wouldn’t either want to read about the previously explored subject.

Editorial Guidelines

  • Ask yourself the question: “How will this text help my reader?” This question should arise before you start writing or making a draft and before suggesting an article to the blog. Not all readers of our blog are professionals in the blockchain and crypto industry. Your text’s goal is to help readers understand complicated things. Try to break it down in a simple and engaging manner. 
  • You are completely responsible for the facts, dates, and numbers featured in your article. As we always like to say: do your own research. Every fact should be checked in a reliable source — for instance, news articles, research, statistics websites, etc. Please attach links to the facts that you state.
  • Make sure that you use appropriate keywords throughout the text.
  • Don’t make it too long. A text of 1,200–1,800 words would be perfect! 

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We take care of our blog and look after the stats. Don’t worry, your article will stay in good company. We have

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Over 100 000
monthly visits on blog
Over 150 000
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Over 50 000
active social media followers and subscribers

Editorial guidelines

  • Ask yourself a question ‘How will this text help the reader?’ to every article you write. This question should arise before you start writing, making a draft, and before suggesting an article to the blog. No answer — no text.
  • Publishing the article, you are completely responsible for the facts, dates, and numbers. Every fact should be checked in a reliable source. Please attach links to the facts. It can be a news article, research, statistics websites, etc.
  • Make sure that you use appropriate keywords throughout the text of an article.
  • Not all readers of our blog are professionals in blockchain and crypto industry. Please write article that are comprehensive and easy to perceive.
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