Nexo Smart Token Review, Cryptocurrency and Lending Features Explained

what is nexo

The Nexo project develops the idea of secured lending based on the functioning of cryptocurrency and smart contracts. Fiat funds are provided to users in accordance with the amount that they have frozen in digital currency. 

The main objective of the development of this project, developers single out the provision of banking services on a decentralized basis of the blockchain. In addition to the functioning of internal cryptocurrency and fast transactions between users, the possibility of lending is highlighted. Let’s sort everything out with Changelly!

What is NEXO Token?

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Nexo Smart Tokens are the world’s first SEC-compliant, dividend-bearing tokens with asset support and a high level of security and other protection functions for unskilled investors under the laws of the United States and other countries. The Nexo ERC-20 standard is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

Key features of NEXO tokens:

  • discounts – discounts provided to token holders who repay interest on loans with Nexo tokens;
  • increase in overdraft limits. Tokens can be used in overdraft wallets to receive financing based on the cost of tokens instantly.

Team & Partners

The project was founded in 2017. The Nexo team has demonstrated an unconditional commitment to deadlines. They are advised by two leading figures in the financial blockchain ecosystem, Michael Arrington, founder of TechCrunch and hedge fund for digital asset management Arrington XRP Capital, and Trevor Koverko, founder and chief executive officer of the financial instruments company Polymath.

The project is supported by Credissimo, a FinTech lending support platform based in Europe that has served millions of customers over the past decade. The main representatives of the team are Kosta Kantchev, Georgi Shulev, and Antoni Trenchev. 

  • Kosta Kantchev is one of the co-founders of Credissimo and the main investor of several startups promoting blockchain technology in the field of finance. 
  • Antoni Trenchev is a former member of the Bulgarian Parliament, who worked for seven years in the field of electronic commerce. He has experience in strategic planning and automation of business processes. 
  • Georgi Shulev has worked in investment banking for over six years and is one of the co-founders of Credissimo.

Nexo is a partner of Onfido, a company that deals with Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) procedures for Coinbase, TransferWise, Revolut, and other major market players, providing Nexo customers with simplified user identification upon receipt loan confirmation. Another partner was BitGo, the world leader in cryptography storage services. He owns client assets for Nexo, providing the highest standards of security.

Nexo Crypto Loans

The principle of issuing Nexo loans is based on collateral. The user freezes digital assets, in return for which he receives fiat funds. To do this, he is given a credit card with which he can make payments in the real world.

nexo loans

Loans on the Nexo platform can be provided by the users themselves. The blockchain structure and smart contracts guarantee that the terms of the agreement are binding. If the user does not repay the debt in fiat, his pledge is transferred to the creditor.

The credit system is built on the Nexo oracles, forming an automated infrastructure with the analysis of large amounts of data and user wallet service. Also, oracles monitor all processes related to lending and transferring funds, sending participants relevant notifications.

  • Deposit rates. Clients receive an instant overdraft in fiat currency (EUR, USD, etc.) or cryptocurrency by transferring cryptocurrency to overdraft wallets. 
  • Customers retain ownership. All customers 100% own their own crypto assets, without experiencing a need for a sale. Borrowers now benefit fully from asset growth.
  • Lack of lengthy credit checks. Nexo provides an instant overdraft without the need for lengthy checks that reduce the chances of having a bad credit history.
  • Quick access to money. Instant access to cash all over the world through bank transfers, cryptocurrencies or Nexo credit cards. The ability to quickly satisfy withdrawal requests.
  • Low commissions and lack of tax fees. Crypto overdrafts are an affordable, flexible, and effective solution that does not entail tax obligations and ensures the absence of hidden fees.
  • Transparency through blockchain and smart contracts. The right of ownership is confirmed by smart contracts and guarantees the transparency of sales for digital assets.

The critical, essential part of our technological model is Nexo Oracle – an automated system that maintains the elements of business processes and has the functionalities as identified in the diagram below:

nexo oracle
Nexo Oracle system

Interest Rate

Nexo project has an Earn Interest function. It allows you to benefit from your idle. 

CurrencyAnnual RateFeeAccess to Funds
BTC8% forNoInstant
ETHall currenciesfeeaccess

Nexo Loans Calculator

Using the NEXO platform is easy. First, the user must deposit their funds into the NEXO wallet, after which the platform oracle will evaluate the cryptocurrency and then determine the maximum possible level of lending. If the client is satisfied with the level of credit that is offered to him, then he receives money, and if he is not satisfied, then he withdraws funds.
To calculate your loan value, you can use the widget on their website. Just choose the currency you would like to give (BTC, ETH, NEXO, XRP, BNB, LTC available), and the widget will show you the amount you receive.

nexo loan calculator

Nexo Paid Dividends History

Nexo pays dividends to their users. The dividend is a fixed 30% from the Net profit and paid out as a dividend to NEXO token holders. 

There are two types of dividends: 

Base DividendLoyalty Dividends
Paid for all token holders proportionally to their NEXO assets.Paid for each NEXO token. The mechanism is based on how long it has been in the NEXO wallet from one dividend date to the next one.

This system prevents fraud and market manipulation. So what are the conditions for user to get the dividends? 

  1. NEXO tokens must be held in the NEXO wallet 10 days before the dividend distributed date. 
  2. NEXO token holders should proceed verification KYC process. After completing it, the process will take only 2 minutes. 

The dividends are calculated in USD and paid in user’s Nexo Wallet in BTC, ETH, NEXO, or USD stable. 

The latest dividend was paid on August 15, 2019:

Dividend payment announcement
Nexo Dividend Payment Announcement

Nexo Card

nexo loan card

Nexo card is a free virtual card that is linked to your Nexo account. It does not require any fees or minimum monthly payment. The card is secured by cryptocurrencies, NEXO tokens, utility tokens, etc. Users can send and receive money worldwide, manage their assets with the mobile app, and enable or disable card instantly. 


The company does not have any official roadmap. However, they post their plans on their Telegram Channel. Let’s highlight some of them:

  • The Nexo is going to raise their dividend payouts
  • The team is working on Utilities 2.0 for the token
  • Better interest rate perspective

Nexo Trading & Exchanges

You can buy NEXO token on some exchanges. The company recommends buying their inner token in Huobi Global exchange. 

Huobi Global

Changelly platform offers you a way to buy NEXO with your banking card swiftly, safely, and with minimal authentication procedure. The fiat payment process is powered by our partner Indacoin and takes just a few simple steps to take.

buy nexo at changelly

The purchase option is open both via our website and the Exchange Widget that can be found at our partners’ resources.

Nexo Wallets

Nexo cryptocurrency is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain. So you can use any wallet, which is compatible with Ethereum and ERC-20 standard. 

  • Ledger Nano S is the most popular cold hardware wallet among Ethereum users. It costs $85± but is worth it. A cold wallet is a really safe place to store your assets.
  • Trezor Wallet is one more option to store your cryptocurrency offline. It allows you to store Ethereum and ERC20 tokens. 
  • Metamask is a desktop wallet funded by Ethereum Foundation and Consensys. 
  • Mist Wallet is a desktop wallet created by Ethereum Foundation. This is a basic wallet for Ethereum users. 
  • Exodus. This wallet is not open source so the devs can’t check this wallet properly. But still, it’s a functional wallet for Ethereum storage. 
  • MyEtherWallet is the most popular Ethereum web-wallet. This wallet was hacked once so be very fussy in choosing it. 
  • TrustWallet is a good Ethereum and ERC20 mobile wallet acquired by Binance exchange.  

You can also try BRD and Jaxx wallet. Don’t forget about the paper wallet, which is always a good option.

Nexo Latest News

A cryptocurrency loan provider Nexo has announced that it will start accepting the Telegram Gram token as a security. Users will be able to provide a new token as collateral for loans after the Gram listing on the Liquid exchange, scheduled for July 10.

According to Nexo representatives, the Telegram messenger token “has the potential to become one of the largest cryptocurrencies in terms of market capitalization”. They also noted that after the launch of the main network, the market value of the coin is likely to increase.


NEXO is a unique product that has no competitors in the blockchain industry yet. An experienced team is connected to the project, which at the launch stage is ahead of the plan and aims at the international market. 

The risk management system is spelled out in the service rules. If a sharp collapse of the cryptocurrency rate occurs, it will work against the borrower and deprive him of part of the invested funds. Finally, at any time, a competitor with more favorable conditions for cooperation can appear.

Disclaimer: This article about Nexo (NEXO) should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. 

Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.