Changelly API integrated into Trezor wallet

Changelly is thrilled to announce the collaboration with one of the most prominent and safest wallets in the crypto industry. Please welcome Trezor, the most trustful and secure offline wallet with the Changelly API onboard!

Your Cryptocurrency Guard

Trezor represents a small USB-device you plug into your PC or Mac to sign your transaction. You can monitor the balance of your coins and exchange them using the Trezor application. And this is when Changelly comes into play.

How do I use Trezor with Changelly?

To initiate the Changelly exchange procedure using the Trezor application all you need to do is:

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to sell and the account containing the funds to sell;
  • Click on the Exchange tab;
  • Select the cryptocurrency to buy and the receiving account. It can be a Trezor address or an external address;
  • Select Changelly offer.

It’s that simple!

Slush, Trezor CEO and Founder believes partnering with Changelly will serve Trezor wallet users well:

“We are happy to provide a seamless and user-friendly method for our users to acquire and exchange various cryptocurrencies directly via the Trezor Wallet interface, thanks to our cooperation with Changelly and other partners.”

“We are truly excited about Changelly and Trezor partnership. Thanks to collaborative inputs of both our teams, Trezor proves to be not only a reliable and secure product but can also offer various functional tools for its users.”, — Changelly CEO, Ilya Bere admits.

About Changelly

Changelly is a leading instant cryptocurrency swap platform which acts as a mediator between trading cryptocurrency platforms and users, providing a wide range of digital assets for a seamless exchange. Changelly mission is making a frictionless exchange process for everyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrency. The platform provides its API integration for wallets, other exchanges and platforms to empower their functionality with Changelly exchange features.

About Trezor

Trezor is a hardware cryptocurrency wallet that allows its holders to store their coins offline, exchange and manage them in the safest manner possible. The wallet has an easy-to-use browser interface for the device usage powered by SatoshiLabs. Using the wallet, users can easily set up the device, manage their cryptocurrency assets, initiate transfers to other services or friends, and more.