The Best Crypto Games 2019

Best Crypto Games 2019

Blockchain is not only about cryptocurrencies and tokens – it is being implemented in a large gamut of spheres. Of course, the online entertainment industry couldn’t ignore this technology, so it didn’t take long for cryptocurrency games to appear on the horizon.

Want to play something truly gripping and interesting? In this list, we’ve gathered the best crypto games 2019. Some of them provide a real opportunity to earn crypto, while others will keep you occupied for hours.

Games that support cryptocurrencies

1) Eos Knight. This is a game in which you gain objects and experience. Perhaps it can be called one of the best crypto games on the EOS platform. The goal is to advance in fights against the bad guys, and if someone dies, then you can be reborn, preserving the items you earned. There is a special platform in it where you can trade goods.

EOS Knights game

2) 0xUniverse. One of classic strategy crypto games Ethereum based 0xUniverse allows players to explore space and colonize other planets. There are cosmic bodies, the resources of which are used to create new rockets, they allow you to conquer new planets and build empires. From time to time, researchers encounter artifacts left by alien civilizations.

3) MegaCryptoPolis. A strategic game to create a city, based on the purchase and management of land, under the management of which taxes are levied. As lots are bought and sold between players, participants in the game have powerful incentives to obtain neighboring land.

Currently, this game is based on the ETH blockchain and supports ERC721 tokens, the share of its transactions is 25%. At the moment, the game has 56 districts and 21 thousand plots of land.

MegaCryptoPolis game

4) High Fidelity. This game from the creators of Second Life is similar to a virtual reality application in which players are faced with various situations. Based on the blockchain with the Proof of Property algorithm for in-game items, the game allows players to earn, as in Second Life, create and sell virtual goods. In addition, the game uses its own cryptocurrency. Using the blockchain allows you to set strict rules for access and behavior of visitors, prohibiting them, for example, from entering the system without armor.

5) Beyond the Void. In Beyond the Void, players need to conquer a map by getting resources. To do this, they can use minions that interfere with other players. The platform uses the Nexium cryptocurrency to buy in-game goods, but tokens cannot be bought in the game itself.

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Beyond the Void crypto game

The most highly anticipated crypto games 2019

The number of cool blockchain-based games is growing: developers from all over the world come up with fresh ideas, and there are different genres available. Let’s review some of them.

MLB Crypto Baseball 2019

The first version of MLB Crypto Baseball was released at the end of September 2018, and now it has been renewed (also came out during the cryptocurrency market’s waning).

But even under such conditions, the Ethereum-based dApp, with more than 5,000 users, showed decent performance, and also provided the Lucid Sight developer with good data to work on the game of the 2019 season. Created as a game for collectibles, MLB Crypto Baseball 2019 reflects how players select a team, create a game card for it, select 21 players for it; 9 beginners, 6 substitutes and 6 pitchers for warmup.

MLB Crypto Baseball game

You also predict which events will occur in the next game of the team, earn points based on the results of the team and the MLB Cryptos players. These rewards are used to earn special rewards, including rare MLB Cryptos players.

Hash Rush

While the crypto games mostly use cryptocurrency wallets, there are a few projects with a more detailed approach. One of them is Hash Rush, a three-dimensional real-time “build and fight” strategic game for PC clients. The users who buy and utilize cryptocurrency receive a special reward. Hash Rush also offers access to the item market.

As the name suggests, Hash Rush really outperforms its analogs because it offers so much more. For example, one part of the game is the mining (and looting) of Crypto Crystals. They are used to rank leaders. In addition, the game has its own ERC20 token, Rush Coin and a number of character skins ERC721.

What really sets Hash Rush apart in terms of blockchain elements is its graphic quality, which, combined with ease of access, can provide great popularity in 2019.

Hash Rush game

Neon District

Originally conceived as one of many collectible crypto card games, but later remade into an RPG, Neon District is a blockchain game that tries to mix free turn-based combat gameplay using sidechains and possession of items based on Ethereum.

The action takes place in a tyrannical universe where players are fighting against the Mainspring government, creating groups of characters that become stronger over time.

An important element of this gameplay is the items – weapons, armor and other equipment that you collect and create. In addition, your characters become more powerful, changing their appearance. As you can see, the aesthetics of the game is cyber / steampunk, which makes it more attractive.

Neon District

Neon District uses the Loom Network to manage its gameplay, where items are owned and traded on the Ethereum core network. Designed by Unity, Neon District will be released for PC / Mac and mobile devices.

Reality Clash

Reality Clash is a free AR / VR (augmented reality / virtual reality) location-based shooter for mobile devices. Today, it’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

Location-based items appear as players move around their local environment. They move in order to take control of various positions, for example, nodes with resources. To do this, players need to enter special combat portals that combine AR controls and VR visual effects and fight bots and real opponents. There are various types of weapons that you can buy and sell, and rare items that can be exchanged on the blockchain through the online gaming market.

Reality Clash

Blockchain-based casinos

Want to earn crypto playing games? Then you might be interested in slots and other online casino games. There are many Bitcoin casinos – some of them have proved to be reliable.

  • Bitstarz is the most popular site offering a variety of BTC games. The advantage is that you can win cryptocurrency here without a single investment using 20 free spins bonus.
  • Trueflip is a decentralized blockchain-based Bitcoin lottery. The principle of operation resembles the classic lottery – you buy lottery tickets (in this case, for cryptocurrency) and cross out the numbers. It’s a great opportunity to win Bitcoin.
  • Firelotto is another blockchain lottery. The lottery ticket costs only 0.003 ETH, and the prize fund for the draw is 100+ ETH. The prize fund is formed from the proceeds from the sale of tickets + includes a guaranteed fund. Prize draws and accrual of winnings to winners’ wallets are automatic.
  • Golden Tea is an inverse game. Newly registered users get a bonus. The user is invited to grow and sell tea. For the tea bush to start growing, you need to add funds to your account. You can pick up bushes of various sizes, tea leaves on which grow at different speeds. But earned money can be withdrawn only after reaching a certain threshold. Tea growth can be accelerated through your referral link if it’s followed regularly.
  • Game Faucet is a collection of games and a Satoshi crane at the same time. The games are interesting but rather complicated. The amount of Satoshi accrued depends on how effective they are. Game Faucet is well suited for working out a profitable investment strategy.
  • Coinplants – The game offers to grow plants on your farm. Bonuses are given every day.
  • LittleWorldOfSatoshi is another game farm. But this game has a very high level of complexity and is thought-through. Players enjoy a rich gamut of opportunities that are not found anywhere else.

Bottom Line

As you see, there’s a huge selection of crypto games online starting from simple casino slots and finishing by shooters, 3D action, and exploration games. Being based on blockchain, some of them ensure 100% fair play. Besides, many of them give players a chance to earn cryptocurrency. So if you haven’t earned an altcoin in your life, it’s a great and truly pleasant opportunity to fill your crypto portfolio!

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