Support Improvements

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Support Improvements

Lately, Changelly faced an overwhelming workload and pressure from lots of demand. Of course, we couldn’t be any happier to see so much new interest and breeding ground for improvements.

Anyone who has ever dealt with crypto exchanges, wallets, or other services knows how frustrating delayed responses from customer service teams can be. To resolve this matter, Changelly has doubled the support team. Now we have six full-time support-ninjas onboard ready to resolve your issue within 12 hours!

You will be supported whenever you need it. Just contact us via email, Facebook, Reddit or Twitter.

We’re not going to stop there. We’ve moved some transactions to Bittrex and in in the nearest future, we’re going to fully partner with both Bitfinex and Kraken in order to provide you even more profitable rates! More trading partners also means that the transaction processing time will be significantly decreased.

We don’t want to show our hand though.

Changelly is preparing something great for you! Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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