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Pi Network (PI) Price Prediction for 2021-2026

Cryptocurrency mining is a complex computing process that usually requires special equipment to be used. Powerful video cards are used…

Cryptocurrency mining is a complex computing process that usually requires special equipment to be used. Powerful video cards are used for mining Ethereum while Bitcoin is mined with the help of ASICs which are even more expensive. The developers of Pi Network decided to make their cryptocurrency more accessible. Any smartphone owner can mine PI crypto

While PI Network coin is very popular among users, the future of the PI cryptocurrency is not so clear. Even though PI cryptocurrency has not been listed on Changelly yet, we follow all the news about it. Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our mailing list to see the latest news about the PI network crypto.

In this article you will find a short overview of PI crypto and our PI coin price prediction for 2021-2026. Please note that the contents of this text are not investment advice.

PI Coin Fundamental Value

The main goal of the PI network developers was to create a simple and convenient platform for cryptocurrency and smart contracts that would not consume as much energy as some other cryptocurrencies. A group of four Stanford graduates – anthropologist Chengdiao Fan, computer scientists Nicolas Kokkalis and Aurélien Schiltz, and business major Vince McPhilip – has come together and created a simple application that can both extract the new token (PI coin) and store it.

PI app was launched on March 14, 2019, and in June, the number of active users had already exceeded 100,000. According to reviews, users find the PI network app to be highly convenient and easy-to-use – same as the Changelly app. Everything is explained in a clear and concise manner, allowing users to easily mine PI coins. The PI app even works in the background, so you can continue mining PI cryptocurrency passively while going about your day.

The main advantages of PI crypto are:

  • Simplicity. A user who has never heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency before will be able to mine PI coin without a struggle. We have a step-by-step guide on how to mine PI cryptocurrency.
  • Fair distribution. The number of PI coins mined does not depend on the capacity and hardware of your device.
  • Extra earnings. Users who contribute to the development of PI network receive a reward.

Since one doesn’t have to contribute computing power to mine PI coin, PI network crypto might be of interest to anyone who wants to expand and diversify their crypto portfolio. PI mining doesn’t depend on the computing power of your device, but there are some other factors that influence the speed at which you mine PI cryptocurrency, like the amount of people you have referred to the app. PI coin mining speed goes down the more people mine it.

What is Pi Network, and what’s with the HYPE? (Pi Cryptocurrency Review)

PI mining speed for active referrals is calculated according to this formula:

X * 25% * (Y Pi/Hr + Y), where X is the number of referrals and Y is the base mining speed

Thus, for 10 active referrals and 0.39 mining speed you will receive:

10 * 25% * (0.39Pi/Hr + 0.39) = 1.975 Pi/Hr (1.975 Pi coins per hour)

PI Coin Details

Project namePI network
Stock SymbolPI
Asset TypeToken
Network typeBlockchain
Launch date14 March 2019
Official Websitehttps://minepi.com/ 

Pi Network Community Reputation

PI cryptocurrency has become pretty popular among miners: the number of active users reached 1 mln in November 2019.

According to Google Trends, the peak of PI coin’s popularity was in February 2021, when the number of users was growing the most actively. 

‘PI Network’ query trend via Google

In two months, Pi Network attracted about 200,000 users:

Influencers Projections on Pi Network

Now, let’s get to the PI network price prediction. First, we’ll take a look at what the influencers have to say about the PI network coin.

It should be noted that Pi Network crypto is mostly being promoted by the users themselves. They describe the advantages of the platform and provide referral names to boost their revenue. The scheme seems to work perfectly.

PI network is a relatively young project but is very promising – miners do not doubt its potential. 

Pi Network Price Prediction

The current price of Pi Network is nothing. The developers are currently building and developing PI network’s infrastructure, and the coin hasn’t been listed on any exchanges yet. During the first quarter of 2021, PI network launched the Pi Brainstorming app that allows users to propose their own ideas and join projects others have started. PI network team is currently working on building the PI utility platform. PI coin has also gotten its own wallet back in April. The last phase of PI network’s development will be the start of trading. That’s when we will actually get to see the actual PI network price.

Although there are no certain Pi Network price predictions on the Net (and there cannot be, since it still hasn’t been listed on any cryptocurrency exchanges), we suggest that PI will cost $0.16 at the time of its release, and its price will stay at the same level for a little while as long as there is no market-wide hype.

PI network value will largely depend on the number of users and exchanges accepting or rejecting PI coin. In the best case, our PI price prediction is that PI network will reach $1 a year after it’s finally listed on trading platforms – Pi Network crypto value should rise to create conditions for healthy growth. 

It is hard to predict Pi Network value in 2026 since 5 years is too long term, and the project is still relatively young. However, PI network price might rise to $5 and higher if the network is properly developed and there’s sufficient hype. Cryptocurrencies with unique features and value always manage to get a piece of the pie.

Investing in crypto, you should thoroughly find a user-friendly service with fast and secure transactions and a big list of cryptocurrencies. By the way, Changelly supports more than 200 coins that you can exchange in a couple of minutes.

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements. While price analysis is a useful tool, it should not be considered predictive for the future performance of any investment instrument.

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  • Curr. Price ~ $0.16 --- THIS IS WRONG

    PI is not listed on any exchange, i am not sure where you got this price from , if you got it from aacoin.com then pls know that it is fraud/unauthorized page/listing and has nothing to do with Pi network , so please update the article to reflect the truth , that pi is not on any exchange so it does not have any price yet.

  • It's a no brainer. It's free because in an early beta stage, simple to use, drains no battery. You mine in a higher rate as there is not much people in the network yet (like bitcoin in the early stages). The risk is none because you don't have to invest anything, rather then one minute of your time per day, just to assure you are not a bot. The app does the rest by itself. It seems very leggit. Because of the early beta stage, you need an INVITATION CODE: PieDigger
    Feel free to thank me later...

  • Pi is a new digital currency. For a limited time, you can join the beta to earn Pi and help grow the network.

  • Easiest coin to mine so far! No stress from the fans and heat of ASICs no worry my graphics card will blow up, and don't have have to stare at numbers all day to make sure nothing breaks!
    Let's be honest I just want more people cause it gets me more delicious pi.

    • Well said my man, ASIC mining is stressful and also big on the power bill, in Australia we pay a lot for the charge over here, this is gonna be big with the greens and the theory of global warming

  • Never heard of that coin before. After reading this article nothing has changed to me - pi crypto value is quite nothing, IMO

  • Is there any future of Cryptocurrency?

    How good is the Pi Network cryptocurrency? What is the expected value going to be? What does it do differently to other mobile cryptos?

    Pi network is aiming to become the most widely spread crypto currency in the world. Currently, Pi has no value as they are in a second stage of development. In a third stage, they are going to become fully pledged new currency. Even now, there were some transactions made, where Pi was worh 5–12$.What separates from Bitcoin and similar coins is the fact that mining is done on mobile phone by just clicking on app once in 24 hours. It is completely green, it’s not going to use any of your phone batery. You don’t need to invest time or money to mine Pi, unlike Bitcoin.