Next, Ripple, Dash, Aeon

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Changelly strives to create a world of cryptocurrencies without borders for our clients. We are building our service around you and for you, paying great attention to your feedback and desires. Following your requests, we are adding 4 new currencies to our list. Meet Dash, Ripple, Next and Aeon! Here are a few more words about our newcomers.

Introducing Invoices

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Changelly and MinerGate are democratic by design. We want to make the life easier for our clients and help them convert cryptocoins quickly even without being tech-savvy. As of today, if you possess the accounts on MinerGate and Changelly, linked to the same e-mail, you will be able to use invoices to make your exchanges.

Careful: rate fluctuations & network fee

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Dear clients! We want to instruct and to warn you with this post. Changelly makes your exchange experience as smooth as possible but there are some things only you can prevent. We are going to teach you how.

Yesterday one of our clients Evgeny contacted our support team to say that he only received half the amount of the exchanged coins he expected. The reason was he didn’t consider the rate fluctuation and the network fee.

Evgeny’s story has a happy ending. Although, next time the outcome may be different. Please read this post carefully to avoid any troubles.

Changelly exchange tutorial

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Changelly is a new cryptocurrency exchange point brought to you by MinerGate. You can convert over 10 different cryptocurrencies here and send them straight to your wallet. We put all our efforts to make Changelly’s interface simple and intuitive. However, if you are experiencing any difficulties, this tutorial may help you.

New currencies

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Changelly is the most convenient cryptocurrency exchange. We want to provide our clients not only with user-friendly interface, but also with a wide variety of currencies to choose from.

Today we add two coins to the list of our changeable cryptocurrencies: Ethereum and Nubits.

Welcome to Changelly

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Welcome to Changelly!

Changelly is an exchange project proudly presented to you by a team of cryptocoin enthusiasts who created MinerGate – the friendliest pool in the mining community. We have one of the longest track records in crypto world and cherish the trust of our users.

We provide our clients with a user-friendly interface, best exchange rates and clear fee terms. There are no hidden fees, we charge just a reasonable 0.5% commission.

You can connect to our service within seconds using your accounts on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

Choose the coin to convert and enjoy our serene simplicity. We will select the best current exchange rate and send the money straight to your wallet.

Have a great crypto experience with Changelly!

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