Network fees and suggested minimal amounts

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Network fees and suggested minimal amounts

Dear our customers! We always strive to let you take the most advantage from cryptocurrencies. To get the smoothest experience with Changelly, it’s important to know about fees and currency fluctuations. This tiny article will help you to get to know exchange process better and accurately calculate the amount to exchange.

Some of our users have faced to an issue when the amount they’ve sent after all fees taken becomes too low to be processed. As a result a transaction fails, the money is gone, and we cannot refund the amount due to the fees. To avoid a misunderstanding you should know about the fees, how and when they are taken.

Network fees

Network fees are fixed and taken each time wherever money is sent. Each currency has its strict amount taken for operations. This fee is taken when your money is included into a blockchain. Changelly doesn’t influence or regulates these fees.

Currency fluctuation

Every crypto rate rises and drops. The more volatile a crypto is, the more it’ll affect the final rate, especially when you are going to convert a large amount. 

Changelly commission

There is no secret that Changelly charges 0.5% commission for each transaction. It’s charged after an exchange process is finished, but before your money is sent to a recipient’s address.

John’s case

Now, let’s get down to the case to make things clear.

John wants to exchange 20 XMR to BTC. To do that, John goes to the homepage, types the amount he wants to exchange on the left and see the estimated BTC amount on the right (0.39 BTC), follows the instructions given and sends 20 XMR to the address provided by Changelly. 

In fact Changelly receives only 19.9 XMR from John. 0.1 XMR remained is called a network transaction fee. It is taken once your money is successfully sent to our wallet. In this case, the network fee is taken by the Monero blockchain.

While waiting a payment confirmation (5-20 minutes), the rates may rise and drop. After we receive the payment, we exchange money instantly at the best rate at the given moment. As Monero’s rate has been risen, instead of 0.39 BTC, John gets 0.41 BTC.

The process is finished, and now the exchanged money (0.41 BTC) should be sent to John’s wallet. This is the moment, when Changelly charges the commission 0,5%. After the commission taken,   0.40 BTC is the amount remained. AWhile sending, the Bitcoin blockchain charges 0.0002 BTC for the transaction. After the confirmation (5-20 minutes), John will get 0.3998 BTC to his wallet.

To sum up

According to the fees, we’ve made a table of cryptocurrency network fees and a minimal amount suggested, so you can look it up and make sure that your money is enough to be exchanged. The rates were calculated according to an exchange to BTC, the network fees and possible fluctuation. These are approximate rates. It’s still highly recommended for you to calculate your amount first and include in it the network fee of the coin you want to exchange.


Cryptocurrency name Network fee Suggested minimal amount
0x 0.005 ZRX 85.78672923 ZRX
1st Blood 0.01 1ST 52.12622906 1ST
AdEx 0.01 ADX 31.9457 ADX
Aragon 0.01 5.03135766 ANT
Ardor 1 ARDR 77 ARDR
Augur 0.01 REP 0.48 REP
Basic Attention Token 0.01 BAT 81.43850006 BAT
Bancor Network Token 0.01 BNT 4.21153386 BNT
Bitcoin from 0.00085 BTC* 0.004 BTC
Bitcoin Cash 0.031 BCC* 0.0018 BCC
Byteball 0.002 GBYTE 0.015 GBYTE
Bytecoin 0.01 BCN 6707 BCN
Chronobank 0.1 TIME 0.63 TIME
Darcrus 2 DAR 26.29078807 DAR
Dash 0.02 DASH 0.063 DASH
Decred 0.03 DCR 0.33500838 DCR
DigitalNote 0.001 XDN 3630 XDN
DigitaxDAO 0.01 DGD 0.14083155 DGD
Doge Coin 1 DOGE 6228 DOGE
Edgeless 0.01 EOS 27 EOS
EOS 1 EDG 30.09135114 EOS
Ethereum 0.00042 ETH 0.049 ETH
Ethereum Classic 0.00042 ETC 0.75 ETC
Expanse 0.00042 EXP 5.08 EXP
FantomCoin 0.00001 FCN 179 FCN
GameCredits 0.01 GAME 3.18139739 GAME
Golem 0.01 GNT 23.00785928 GNT
Golos 0 GOLOS 111.953 GOLOS
Golos Gold 0 GBG 68.233 GBG
Gnosis 0.01 GNO 0.05896793 GNO
Gulden 0.2 NLG 12.4 NLG
Guppy 0.1 GUP 40.202 GUP 0.01 RLC 18.63196492 RLC
LBRY 0.01 LBC 14.8 LBC
Lisk 0.1 LSK 5.02 LSK
Litecoin 0.003 LTC 0.27 LTC
Lunyr 0.01 LUN 4.0310944 LUN
Melon 0.003 MLN 0.16500782 MLN
Metal 0.01 MTL 2.10142136 MTL
MaidSafeCoin 10 MAID 27 MAID
Monero 0.1 XMR 0.3 XMR
NAV Coin 0.001 NAV 9.9 NAV
Next 1 NXT 96 NXT
NuBits 0.02 NBT 13.22 NBT
OmiseGo 0.01 OMG 1.86685338 OMG
PIVX 0.0001646 PIVX 5.85205085 PIVX
PotCoin 0.01 POT 265.97450358 POT
Qtum 0.01 QTUM 2.13672818 QTUM
QuazarCoin 0.005 QCN 635 QCN
Radium 0.0002 RADS 2.531 RADS
Ripple 0.000012 XRP 52 XRP
SingularDTV 1 SNGLS 62 SNGLS
Steem 0 STEEM 7.229 STEEM
Steem Dollars 0 SBD 10 SBD
Status 0.01 SNT 267.51360764 SNT
Stellar 0.00001 STR(XLM) 383.8637633 STR (XLM)
Stratis 0.1 STRAT 12 STRAT
Synereo 20 AMP 7 AMP
Syscoin 0.02 SYS 60.21579902 SYS
TenX 0.01 PAY 9.17947873 PAY
Tether 1 USDT 10.03819096 USDT
Trustcoin 0.01 TRST 42.779439 TRST
Waves 0.001 WAVES 2.71308442 WAVES
Wings DAO 0.01 WINGS 27.10124749 WINGS
Wings DAO 0.01 WINGS 27.10124749 WINGS
Xaurum 0.1 XAUR 43.75727838 XAUR
Zcash 0.0001 ZEC 0.046 ZEC

*Dynamic network fee. The actual amount of a network fee depends on the amount being sent and the load of the bitcoin blockchain.

All the minimal rates are stated against BTC.

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