What is NEO and how to buy it on Changelly

What is NEO and how to buy it on Changelly

NEO is a new promising cryptocurrency platform rebranded from Antshares. It is believed to be Chinese Ethereum by offering a cross-chain interoperability. Unlike Ethereum that runs only on Solidity, NEO is compatible with a range of programming languages, including Java and C-Sharp. Apart from that, NEO serves as a base for smart contracts and DApps (Decentralized Applications).
NEO has already gained prominence in China and now it’s available worldwide on Changelly.

Why is it so appealing?

NEO has skyrocketed to the top ten of coin market capitalization. Lots of media call NEO ‘The biggest crypto in the world’. The very reason of NEO’s prominence is that the platform uses totally different approach to blockchain by combining it with the traditional financial system. Unlike a regular cryptocurrency platform, NEO actually doesn’t have coins that fuel the network. It is rather acting like the company’s shares. To maintain the network, NEO uses fiat money and bases on the classic trading system. NEO’s community is convinced that their approach will transform all the financial procedures across the world by empowering them with smart contract technology.


NEO is an indivisible cryptocurrency. It means that you may trade any amount of NEO including decimal figures, but the amount to withdraw always should represent a whole number rounded down. For example, you want to buy NEO for Bitcoin on Changelly. According to your calculations, you should receive, say, 7.9 NEO. In fact, you will receive only 7, since it’s impossible to withdraw 7.9 NEO from traders. This peculiarity is important to know in order to prevent unfavorable exchange.

Changelly fees

As you know, Changelly charges 0.5% fee of the exchanged amount. However, due to the coin’s indivisibility and rounded down figures, Changelly doesn’t take any commission fee for transactions with NEO. However, it’s important to mention that the rate still remains volatile, and the final rate may differ. The more you put off exchanging, the higher the risk to get another amount. We recommend to exchange a coin for NEO once a transaction is created.

Exchange tips

Knowing about NEO’s features, you can foresee the best moment to buy it.
1. First off, pay attention to a coin’s amount gap worth for 1 NEO. Depending on a coin you want to exchange, the gap can be both large and small. At the time of writing this post, the Bitcoin gap for 1 NEO is from 0.0069 BTC to 0.014 BTC. It means that you will get 1 NEO for both these BTC figures. You can see the gap right on Changelly’s home page. Once you figure it out, you can opt for the most profitable value.
2. Buy it right away. Don’t postpone a transaction created. The market is unpredictable, so if postponed, the final rate may surprise you.
3. Buy NEO when the market is calm. High volatility period should be avoided if you want to take advantage from the exchange.
4. Divide large amounts into small transactions to prevent market pump. If you want to buy NEO for more than 10 BTC, it would be better if you divide the whole amount into several transactions of 1-2 BTC separated by a few hours.

How to buy NEO on Changelly

Now let’s see in our step-by-step guide how to buy NEO with BTC on Changelly in a few clicks.
1. Select a coin to be exchanged on the left. Select NEO on the right.

2. Figure out the gap and specify the most profitable amount for you. Note that the minimal amount is 5 NEO.

3. Specify your NEO wallet. If you still don’t have one, learn how to choose the best.

4. Check everything attentively. If you’re happy with the rate, proceed to the next step.

5. Copy our BTC address.

6. Now go to your BTC wallet and paste our address into the corresponding field. Click ‘Send’.

7. Wait until a transaction is finished. BTC will be exchanged once we receive the amount from you. You can close your browser and have a cup of coffee. All will happen automatically.

8. Here you go! Check your NEO wallet.

That’s it. If you have any questions about NEO or other coins on Changelly, feel free to ask at [email protected]

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