Guide to exchange cryptocurrencies in the updated MyEtherWallet (MEW)


With the update to MyEtherWallet called MEW V5, users are now able to swap a wider range of crypto assets with dozens of ERC20 tokens, whether it’s BNB or a stablecoin like TUSD. The new wallet interface was specially designed for a broader audience so that even a crypto-newbie would find token swaps a piece of cake! Changelly prepared a short step-by-step tutorial on how to implement crypto-to-crypto exchange inside the new MEW. Have a look.

1. First, go to and choose between two options of creating a new MEW wallet or accessing your existing wallet.

mew wallet
MyEtherWallet website main page

2. Enter the wallet and pick Swap section on the left sidebar.

3. Choose the trading crypto pair you want to swap. For this tutorial we’ve chosen the hit pair of ETH-BTC.

MEW V5 Wallet interface
Swap section of MEW V5 wallet

4. Paste the wallet address you’d like bitcoins to be sent to, select Changelly as your exchange provider and click Continue to confirm the transaction.

Paste your wallet address and choose Changelly provider

5. You will have five minutes to confirm your transaction. The remaining time will be displayed in a pop-up window.

6. Once the transaction has successfully gone through you’ll get a notification that it is has been processed. You can check back on the status of transactions in the Notifications area under the bell icon in the top right corner.

Wasn’t that elementary? Go to MyEtherWallet and swap your tokens safely and easily. Do subscribe to Changelly accounts on social media to keep up with the latest crypto news:


Nice swaps, #Changellions!