A Guide to Starting Your Career in Blockchain Technology

How to start a career in blockchain technology

In the last few years, the rise of the new Blockchain technology has revolutionized the technological landscape. It is helping to develop solutions to problems across industries, including real estate, education, healthcare, logistics, and more. The adoption of Blockchain tech in these sectors is dominating the tech news world. Because it has so many excellent use cases, Blockchain is receiving ringing endorsements from world leaders, experts in the industry, and entrepreneurs. In fact, experts are even going so far as to say it is ushering in a new industrial revolution.

The Basics

If you’re looking to get started in a career in Blockchain technology, you’ll need to understand the basics and the next steps to take. It is a distributed ledger technology that was initially created to handle peer-to-peer digital currency Bitcoin. Since it was created, the technology expanded rapidly and now has surpassed Bitcoin and hundreds of other use cases above and beyond cryptocurrencies. Because it’s relatively new, the career path hasn’t been explored yet so starting a career in this area will be a new experience and certainly innovative.


Because Blockchain technology is still in its early stages, if you’re thinking of starting a career in this field, your career path will be completely different from other tech entrepreneurs. The important thing is being able to continuously improve and learn new skills.

“Blockchain is constantly evolving and growing so any candidates in this field have to be in the know about what’s going on. If you want to start a career in this area immediately, you certainly won’t be following a traditional educational path.”

Jonathan Fullerton, a sales expert at Academized and Essayroo

Learn the Fundamentals

Blockchain technology started a value exchange revolution and it’s important to understand this. The core of Blockchain relies on features like Daaps, decentralization, and Smart Contracts. As a Blockchain developer, your fundamental education will be technical skills in distributed ledger technology. Start with Solidity for Smart Contracts and JavaScript for website development. You could also consider learning a programming language if you haven’t already that can help you while you learn more about Blockchain.

Train in Cryptography

More and more, people are gaining digital assets instead of physical ones. That’s where the importance of cryptography comes in. Blockchain’s distributed ledger tech is critical for asset management and protecting digital assets via cryptography. Big organizations are increasingly depending on cryptography to keep their assets secure because a failure here can signal the end of a company. To have a successful career in Blockchain, one should attend a reputable cryptography course from a site like Udacity or Coursera.

Distributed Computing Theory

Organizations and users’ priorities now for technology are reliability and security. Blockchain offers a distributed computing solution that is unrivaled in this field. The issue here is the excessive energy consumption and scalability associated with deploying Blockchain. It’s important for those who want a career in Blockchain to understand what the current issues are and consider possible solutions.

Join the Blockchain Community

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain have their own popular communities that discuss and promote their technologies. Cryptocurrency projects give people rewards for finishing tasks, and it’s important that Blockchain students join in these communities and projects to learn more about the tech.

“To participate in such a project, an aspiring Blockchain student must connect with the Blockchain start-up and offer your help and service to community outreach, including organizing events, leadership talks, or developing applications. This is a great way to network with the community.”

Mark Gordon, a tech lead at State of Writing and Boom Essays

Forge Your Own Way

It is clear to all in the tech industry that careers in Blockchain are booming. This is expected to increase even more in the future as this tech industry becomes more mainstream. For people hoping to start a career in Blockchain, this is the time to start getting involved in the community and forging a path to success. This is the time when you shouldn’t worry about taking any formal education but instead adopting a mix of the strategies outlined above to move forward.

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