How to exchange XRP for Bitcoin (XRP to BTC)

How to exchange XRP for Bitcoin (XRP to BTC)

On Changelly, you can exchange XRP to Bitcoin, and Bitcoin to XRP in a matter of seconds. Ripple can be exchanged as well for Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and the rest of 200+ cryptos available on the service.

How to Know XRP Exchange Rate

Whenever a XRP transaction arises, it is important to know the basis for determining the XRP you will receive or send. These three pricing avenues are worthy of consideration:

    • The quoted transaction buy/sell price on an exchange
    • The price set by the party you are discussing a transaction
    • The statistically determined average price as at a given time, which incorporates the market fundamentals.

If you are aware of these price points, you can evaluate the XRP conversion price at any point in time. And in case it is exorbitant, you can explore other options; if it is discounted, you might want to accept it and make a gain.

Where to exchange XRP with the best fees?

The best fee is the lowest fees to incur when exchanging your XRP for other cryptocurrencies.  For most global XRP buyers, getting the lowest fee-charging platform can be a headache.

However, Changelly offers a low transaction fee at 0.5 percent of the transaction value. You should remember too that the base currency you are using also attracts a network fee. For example, when you provide your Bitcoin wallet address on Changelly in order to get the XRP you want, Bitcoin blockchain will have to be paid. The cost of sending your Bitcoin to Changelly is a network fee that you should accommodate. So, make sure you have a few Bitcoin above the exact amount you want to exchange on Changelly.

How to instantly convert XRP to ETH?

You can instantly exchange XRP to ETH using Changelly. Make sure you have the sending and receiving wallet address on hand as you go over to the Changelly exchange page.

So, you will have to send XRP to Changelly, and the ETH receiving wallet address. While sending, make sure the destination tag you are entering in your wallet matches to the one shown on Changelly.

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