DASH Coin, How to Buy this Cryptocurrency Instantly

How to Buy DASH Coin

Although DASH is formally a fork of Bitcoin, it is significantly different from dozens of other altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. This is an anonymous coin in the full sense of the word with its unique two-level system. The DASH peculiarity allows it to stay in the Top-20 cryptocurrencies. 

Have you ever been interested in buying DASH coins? Here is our guide! You will learn how to buy DASH with a credit card, how to exchange it, and where to store Dash coins. Read the new ‘How to buy’ guide by Changelly!

DASH Brief History

Evan Duffield
Evan Duffield

Officially, the Dash cryptocurrency appeared in 2015. It was created by Evan Duffield and the company Dash Core DAO founded by him. At first, the enthusiast programmer decided to simply fix the shortcomings of Bitcoin and then swung to create the main competitor to the most popular cryptocurrency.

Like many others, Evan did not like the fact that transactions in Bitcoin are not completely anonymous and are processed very slowly, network performance is low, and the level of protection against cyber attacks clearly leaves much to be desired.

Using the source code for Bitcoin, Duffield created his own cryptocurrency Dash. In the name, he beat the English word “dash” and the combination “dark cash”. Due to this fact, many people call Dash a dark horse, and they seriously believe that it can once escape Bitcoin.

In fact, Dash is a fork of Bitcoin. However, the coin is so different from the source that it has long been perceived as an autonomous cryptocurrency. Here is the main difference between Dash and other cryptocurrencies. Dash is a 2-tier architecture system. If other cryptocurrencies use only the basic level (for example, the Blockchain chain), then the second “level” is added to Dash, which is called Masternodes. Masternodes are the key nodes of the network that are responsible for performing additional functions.

Where to buy DASH coin?

There are many ways to purchase DASH cryptocurrency. You can buy it on the crypto exchange, with a credit card, or just exchange your crypto assets to DASH. Let’s look at each method in more detail. 

#1. Buy DASH on the Crypto Exchanges

It’s easy to purchase DASH due to the significant amount of exchanges which listed the coin. You can buy DASH for cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT), as well as for fiat currencies (USD, EUR). The DASH daily trading volume is $246,401,593. Here is a table of the most popular crypto exchanges selling the DASH cryptocurrency.


#2. Buy DASH with the Credit Card

If you don’t have any crypto assets, with which you can purchase the DASH cryptocurrency, you can buy DASH directly with your credit card on Changelly! It’s easy and convenient. Just follow the steps:

Buy DASH with credit card
Buy DASH with Credit Card at Changelly

#3. Exchange Any Coin to DASH

At Changelly you can exchange any represented coin for DASH, starting with the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, etc.) and ending with poorly-known altcoins (CVC, DENT, FUN, etc.).

Here you can explore the list of supported coins.

exchange dash for btc
Buy DASH with BTC

#4. How to buy DASH with PayPal

It’s impossible to buy DASH with PayPal directly. However, you can buy BTC with PayPal on the following sources: 

Let’s explain the steps of the DASH purchase on Paxful. Obviously, first, you need to create an account and confirm your e-mail. Then fill in the gaps with the desired options: 

buy BTC with paypal
Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Where to store DASH coins

You can store your DASH assets directly on the exchange, where you purchased them. It is not advisable to store your coins and tokens in an exchange wallet except you are actively trading. It offers an advantage that you can store your tokens on a regular basis for them to accumulate and trade when needed. Let’s suppose safer types of DASH storage. Wallets!

Hardware Wallets

hardware wallets dash

All types of hardware wallets, such as Ledger Nano, KeepKey, and Trezor, are available to store your DASH coins. A hardware wallet is a great way to store any of your cryptocurrency assets. It’s offline, secure, encrypted with PINs and passwords. 

Mobile Wallets

There is a wide range of Dash mobile wallets available for two of the most popular mobile platforms. Here is the list. 

Available both for Android & iOS:

One more Android wallets:

Desktop Wallets

You can also install a desktop wallet to store your DASH coins. They suggest downloading the client to a personal computer. The most popular options are Dash Core, Dash Electrum. During installation, the wallet.dat file is created. Implemented for different platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS. One more desktop wallet is Jaxx

Disclaimer: This article should not be considered as offering trading recommendations. The cryptocurrency market suffers from high volatility and occasional arbitrary movements.  Any investor should research multiple viewpoints and be familiar with all local regulations before committing to an investment.