Network Fees, Changelly Commission, How it’s Calculated?

We always strive to let you take the most advantage from cryptocurrencies. To get the smoothest experience with Changelly, it’s important to know about fees and currency fluctuations. This tiny article will help you to get to know the exchange process better and accurately calculate the amount to exchange.

Some of our users have faced an issue when the amount they’ve sent after all fees taken becomes too low to be processed. As a result, a transaction fails, the money’s gone, and we cannot refund the amount due to the fees. To avoid a misunderstanding you should know about the fees, how and when they are taken.

Network fees

Network fees are fixed and taken each time wherever money is sent. Each currency has a strict amount taken for operations. This fee is taken once your funds are included in a blockchain.

The network fee can be seen in the hash of your transaction in the Fees line. However, in our case, as all Changelly operations are fully automatized, the individual fee cannot be set up for each particular transaction. Hence, a standard balanced network fee for each of 140+cryptocurrencies is configured for all transactions on Changelly. The balanced fee is charged so that our system can order a transaction sent from the market is the minimum amount that guarantees to process your transactions smoothly and safely regardless of the number of addresses that will be processed alongside with your own by the currency network.

Currency fluctuation

Cryptocurrency fluctuations are a natural outcome of the floating exchange rate system that is the norm for most major economies. The exchange rate of one currency versus the other is influenced by numerous fundamental and technical factors. Therefore every crypto rate rises and drops in accordance with the demand. The more volatile a crypto is, the more it’ll affect the final rate, especially when it’s going to the large amounts.

Changelly commission

There is no secret that Changelly charges 0.5% commission for each transaction. It’s charged after an exchange process is finished, but before your money is sent to a recipient’s address.

John’s case

Now, let’s get down to the case to make things clear.

John wants to exchange 20 XMR to BTC. To do that, John goes to the homepage, types the amount he wants to exchange on the left and see the estimated BTC amount on the right, follows the instructions given and sends 20 XMR to the address provided by Changelly.

In fact, Changelly receives only 19.9 XMR from John. 0.1 XMR remained is called a network transaction fee. It is taken once your money is successfully sent to our wallet. In this case, the network fee is taken by the Monero blockchain.

While waiting for a payment confirmation (5-20 minutes), the rates may rise and drop. After we receive the payment, we exchange money instantly at the best rate at the given moment. As Monero’s rate has risen, instead of (let’s say) 0.39 BTC, John gets 0.41 BTC.

The process is finished, and now the exchanged money (0.41 BTC) should be sent to John’s wallet. This is the moment when Changelly charges the commission 0.5%. After the commission taken, 0.40 BTC is the amount remained. Awhile sending, the Bitcoin blockchain charges 0.0008 BTC for the transaction. After the confirmation (5-20 minutes), John will get 0.3992 BTC to his wallet.

To sum up

If you want to send an exact amount for an exchange, it’s highly recommended for you to calculate your amount first and include the network fee of the coin you want to exchange.

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