Here comes Lisk!

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Here comes Lisk!

Changelly is changing and becoming better! We support an increasingly growing number of cryptocurrencies. Now it’s time for Lisk, a recently released crypto with unique features.

Lisk coins

Lisk has been launched on May, 25 by the members of Crypti Foundation Max Kordek and Oliver Beddows. It’s the first JavaScript decentralized cryptocurrency with integrated so-called sidechains.

Lisk provides 2-step verification with passphrases. To make transactions, you must have two passphrases which are generated when your account is created. The process is secure and way easier as compared to other cryptos, because you can remember your passphrases, unlike long digital passcodes.

At this moment, Lisk is one the most promising cryptocurrencies with increasingly growing demand and trust. It becomes popular in a large number of countries including China. Some consider this crypto as a key Ethereum competitor. That’s because Lisk provides a whole custom cryptocurrency platform allowing to develop, distribute and monetize decentralized applications (DApps) much easier than using any other blockchain technologies.

Learn more about Lisk on the platform’s official page.

Lisk Platform

Sidechains implemented in Lisk help to resolve the problem of network scalability without any impact on the performance of Liks’s blockchain. Apart from that, the platform uses Delegated-Proof-of-Stake (DPoS), an upgraded consensus model, which is more secure, flexible, quick and stable.

Lisk’s transactions are resolved by only 101 delegates which take responsibility for transactions to be confirmed, their sizes, block intervals etc. These delegates are elected by Lisk stakeholders in order to prevent from unnecessary blockchain regulations. Thus, resolving consensus issues via DPoS takes less time and provides more security which is crucial for blockchain DApps.

The Lisk’s scalable and streamlined ecosystem reduces the price of creating DApps, as developers use a popular and easy programing language and implement brand new features.

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