Fix the Rate: Changelly Website Unchains Capabilities with Fixed-Rate Exchanges

Fixed-rate exchanges on Changelly

The long-awaited fixed-rate exchanges are finally available on the Changelly website! We worked hard to ensure this feature gets released on Christmas Eve. Along with Changelly mobile, the Changelly web platform is now empowered with a new fixe rate mechanism, allowing users to lock the current exchange rates for 15 minutes, thus getting the guaranteed amount of crypto inside their wallets. 

From now on, both Changelly website and mobile apps offer users a way to avoid exchange rate risk during the transaction interval.

To fix the rate, a user should click on the lock icon on the exchange window, thus activating the “fix rate” feature and freezing the final crypto amount displayed on the screen. The guaranteed rate will refresh every 30 seconds, during which a user needs to decide whether to accept the rate or not, afterward proceeding to the exchange as normal. As soon as the transaction is created, a user will have 15 minutes to send the money.

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This new feature will protect Changelly users from market fluctuations. As has been mentioned previously, the amount of crypto displayed at the beginning of the exchange will not be changed until the end of the transaction. A small reserve amount will be included in the exchange rate to ensure the safety of users’ funds, undoubtedly keeping up with Changelly’s values: providing instant, secure and customer-centric service.

Changelly CEO Eric Benz considers this new feature another step forward in providing the instant crypto exchange users the best platform possible:

“Changelly has always delivered best in class service, and this is a sentiment to the quality of products we provide. It is a great pleasure to announce our fixed rates becoming available via the web, alongside our floating rates to further support the growing demand of our users and make it quicker and easier to purchase and swap between the crypto assets we support.”

Eric Benz, Changelly CEO