Exchange Expanse with Changelly

The one of cryptocurrencies added to Changelly’s list is Expanse, a one of the Ethereum’s fork. Now you will learn more about its features!

Expanse is a cryptocurrency platform designed for applications and contracts that was launched on 14 September, 2015. The main point of Expanse is the idea of a fair and open decentralized organization, which is democratically controlled by its community. The community is formed by Expanse users. Through the collective opinion, all Expanse features can be implemented and enhanced. Apart from that, the community manages assets and funds.

The community consists of the Development core and the Collective. The core represents the Expanse founders, co-founders and developers. The Community Collective is the Expanse users that have at least one EXP token. A token is referred to as a voting share.

Expanse is fueled with EXP, an Ethereum fork. The currency is based on Dagger.

Hashimoto algorithm as uses similar work and security principles as Ethereum. Now you can exchange Expanse at the best rates on Changelly!

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