Electroneum Mining 2020

While Bitcoin and Ethereum mining is expensive and hardly profitable for regular users, there’s a large variety of cryptocurrencies offering an alternative. There’s nothing simpler than Electroneum mining, and here’s why. 

Electroneum Cryptocurrency Explained

Electroneum (ETN) is an anonymous cryptocurrency that runs on its blockchain and is based on the Bytecoin cryptocurrency blockchain. Electroneum cryptocurrency was launched in 2017 by a team of developers with Richard Ells in head: he wanted to create a cryptocurrency for the smartphone market, as well as for games and applications running on these devices. In 2017, the team organized an ICO (they managed to raise $40 mln earlier than planned) and launched iOS and Android applications for ETN mining. 

One important feature of Electroneum is its availability and simplicity of counting. Most Bitcoin owners don’t really like the fact that one asset consists of 100,000,000 satoshi – it complicates calculations. Electroneum uses only two digits after the divider: you will see it only as 21.45 ETN instead of “0.089151 BTC”.

Electroneum has what it takes to become a viable alternative to Bitcoin. Here are some of its features that are worth mentioning:

  • Coin’s transaction speed and security are as good as Bitcoin’s (and some even claim that Electroneum is more secure).
  • It can be stored both in the cloud and offline wallets.
  • The development team is impressive. The company consists of professional engineers, entrepreneurs and marketers. 
  • It can be easily mined on a smartphone or any other device.

In short, Electroneum coin has much in common with Bitcoin, although it is based on its own chain. 

Is Electroneum Mining Profitable?

Electroneum cryptocurrency mining is very simple and affordable: even those who do not have powerful computers can deal with it. You can mine Electroneum even in the background of a computer. But there is another distinguishing point, which is as follows. Since Electroneum was created for use by smartphones, you can mine it using your cell phone. 

The Best Way to Mine Electroneum

How to perform Electroneum mining? Let’s review three different options.

Mining Electroneum in a Pool

Many crypto owners believe that it is better to mine solo without a pool, but beginners are highly recommended to start cryptocurrency mining with other participants. Pools will allow you to get payments every day, and Electroneum is supported by many platforms that differ by their commissions and reliability. 

Our Electroneum mining pool list includes:

  • ucrypto.com. Commission 2%, average hash rate 40 KH / s, finds a block once in 3 days;
  • etn.nanopool.org. Provides a high hashing power (700 MH / sec) and charges 2% commission. The minimum withdrawal is 500 ETN (but can be reduced to 100 ETN). Transaction fee is 0.01 ETN. One of the oldest and most reliable pools.
  • etn.spacepools.org. This is an efficient pool with a small commission of 0.1%. Minimum payout of 10 ETN, automatic payouts are made every 60 minutes. Transaction fee is 0.1 ETN. Mines Electroneum only to local wallets; 
  • etn.suprnova.cc is for those who needs to have access to a personal account to manage mining settings. Power is below average, but enough. Pool commission is 1%. The setup process might be complicated for starters. 

All in all, etn.nanopool is the most profitable pool with the most optimal characteristics.

Mining Electroneum on Mobile (Android & iOS)

As it has been mentioned earlier, you can also mine Electroneum using your mobile phone. To install the application and register as a user, follow these steps:

  1. Visit Google Play Store or AppStore. Download and install the Electroneum app.
  2. Register an account by visiting my.electroneum.com and filling out the requested information.
  3. Check your email address so you will find an activation link
  4. Enter your mobile phone. Enter the received SMS code in the field on the registration page.
  5. Enter an alternative email address to which you can send recovery information if you lose the PIN code for your account.
  6. Enter your PIN. You will need it every time you start the application or when sending transactions.
  7. Return to your inbox and click on the link in the letter sent to you. This confirms that you have received a PIN recovery email. Now you can enter the application.

That’s it. All you need to do is click the “Start mining” button.

ETN mobile app
ETN mobile app

Electroneum Mining on Windows and Mac

For Electroneum mining on CPU, use xmr-stak-cpu software: it provides a higher hashrate than Claymore CPU. The CPU version of this software can be obtained on GitHub. 

Download it, then open the “config” file via any text editor. In the text editor, you should find the following lines:

“pool_address”: “pool.usxmrpool.com//333” 
“wallet_address”: “”
“pool_password”: “”

They need to be replaced with:

 “pool_address”: “stratum + ssl: / /etn-eu1.nanopool.org:13433 ”“ wallet_address ”:“ your ETN wallet address
“ pool_password ”:“ x ”

Next, look for the line:

“ cpu_threads_conf ”:

And replace with the following lines:

“ cpu_threads_conf ”: [ 
{“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 0}
{“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 1}{“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch : true, “affine_to_cpu”: 2}{“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 3}{“low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 4}{“Low_power_mode”: false, “no_prefetch”: true, “affine_to_cpu”: 5},],

Each line connects the processor core separately. For example, if you have a 6-core processor, you can connect five core, and leave one for work. It is important that the first line starts from zero. Save and run the software.

Alternatively, you can try Electroneum mining GPU – there are both AMD and Nvidia options available, but it means buying expensive graphic cards. The reward for one mined block is 7,000 ETN, which is quite generous. But is GPU mining worth the investment? You can check Electroneum mining profitability here.


Electroneum mining is a simple and energy-efficient way of earning ETN tokens. If you are new to cryptocurrency mining, consider starting your experience with this coin – it will never hurt having some ETN coins in your crypto portfolio. 

Since it’s a mobile-centered cryptocurrency, you can simply install Electroneum app on your smartphone and resume mining every day in one click. This is a great source of minor passive income. Also, don’t forget to join an Electroneum mining rig.

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