Crypto Talks with DOVU: Digitalizing the Environmental Conservation

Last week, Changelly has listed DOV, an Ethereum-based eco-friendly cryptocurrency. The parent company of the coin is introducing DOVU.EARTH, a program that inspires users to save the environment by making it possible to purchase carbon offsets with crypto. Behind a project like this stands a man who has a passion for what he does and who knows the crypto industry very well. Changelly CEO Eric Benz interviewed Dovu’s creator, Irfon Watkins, in order to learn more about him and to find out the innovative company’s plan for the future.

If we were to divide tokens into categories according to their philosophy, DOVU (DOV) would surely be in the one dedicated to ecology. Could you please tell us how you came up with the idea to combine saving the planet with blockchain?

When we started DOVU we wanted to use our token to encourage people to make smarter travel decisions. As we developed the idea it became clear to us that we should focus on the carbon offsetting of all journeys. We can use our blockchain to ledger transactions and build trust in the offsetting process.

Your clients are people that advocate for sustainable living and care about our planet, the society, and the future of both. Could you explain your project to people who have never heard of it before?

Actually, our clients are everyone. We make it very simple to carbon offset your journeys, you have to do very little and it can be free. So if that is the case why wouldn’t you want to plant more trees? Even if you are a climate change sceptic having more trees is still good for everyone isn’t it? We will connect to your mobility apps (uber etc) and link to email receipts and work with your bank cards to read yourtravel habits and then automatically offset.

Could your token, DOVU, be used outside of the ecosystem you created?

Well, it could always be traded for other tokens on Changelly!

What could DOVU give to those who may not prioritize saving the planet?

As I said DOVU is for all it is not just the product for environmental activists. Climate change is going to affect us all, we offer a simple method for us all to do our bit to help.

I’ve heard that DOVU will soon be working with corporate clients. Could you give us any insights into how that will go?

Corporates wanting to offer offset solutions to their customers are talking to us about how we incorporate our platform within their offering, we call it Offset by Design. Simple API integrations into existing solutions. We are partly owned by a Global Corporation, Jaguar Landrover (JLR).

I guess your company has some significant plans for 2020? Could you tell us about them?

We will be focusing on our API strategy alongside taking advantage of the Open Banking initiatives enabling us to connect to bank cards and offset in real time.

How do you think the recent COVID-19 outbreak will affect the crypto industry?

It’s far too early to have an opinion on this.

A person behind a project like this is surely pro-crypto mass adoption. When do you think it will be possible?

When the value proposition to the consumer outweighs the technical barrier or when the technology is invisible and all that is seen is the improved value proposition.

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