5 Reasons To Watch “Crypto Sapiens with Eric Benz” Show

Crypto Sapiens with Eric Benz on CoinTelegraph

“Money is a 2000-year-old problem and here we are trying to solve that,” – says Eric Benz, CEO of Changelly.

The crypto and blockchain evolution has been conquering technological space at the supersonic speed since 2008. With so many outstanding projects shaping this industry, we are still struggling to build stable bridges with conservative real-world institutions. While this progress can be fascinating to some pioneers in the space, it remains quite vague for the others.

Here are five reasons why you need to watch the new Cointelegraph YouTube show “Crypto Sapiens with Eric Benz” co-created with Changelly and hosted by our cool CEO:

#1: It shows the true crypto scene behind the curtains

It was created to give the audience a sneak peek at various industry projects and reveal some insights from today’s top thought leaders and influencers. OK, honestly, to have some fun as well. In the premiere episode, Eric invites you to visit the Barcelona Trading Conference that wrapped just a week ago. “Event industry is always the most intense way to begin your encounter with the crypto or fintech world. It has become so saturated recently, and only a select few conferences are still useful for all parties involved.” – admits Eric.

#2: Hilarious Eric Benz

Our host is the perfect guy to show you that crypto business is something that can be consumed without formalities. Eric has been working in and around Financial Technology for over 10 years, joining the blockchain space since 2012. He is involved in a number of blockchain and fintech businesses both as an investor, board director, and founder. “I think getting close and personal with partners and colleagues from various industries is important as no one should take their ‘title’ too seriously,” – says Eric.

#3: Review and get a “Crypto Sapiens” hoodie!

Special challenge: think of the most concise and funniest testimonial you can give to our new show and share in the comments on YouTube. Eric will choose three best blurbs before the next episode comes out and give away “Cryptosapiens” hoodies so be creative! 

#4: Yes, you can watch it with a non-crypto partner

Let’s be honest, your partner would probably kill you if you propose him or her to watch some crypto-related show instead of Netflix. Here is the deal: try the new show on CoinTelegraph channel. We left out the boring stuff and explained all the confusing and complicated matters.

#5: It’s in 4K

It means you can watch it on your Smart TV. Take a quality break with the beloved ones, relax and enjoy the show.