Changelly’s on Tour Overview

Hey there, our crypto enthusiasts! As you probably know the crypto universe is quite enormous, so in September Changelly rocket orbited around the earth and landed in four different spots to attend the most prominent events in the crypto industry. But first things first.

World Blockchain Forum (London)

The beginning of September was marked by attending the World Blockchain Forum, that took place in London. World Blockchain Forum events are the lynchpin between industry and enterprise in the blockchain space. This year, WBF London focused on the future of ICOs and delved deeper into the emergence of STOs (security token offerings).

Changelly CEO, Ilya Bere and Head of business development, Anna Rosebrook started the event season with new partnerships, acquaintance with leaders of the market such as Nicolas Cary, the Co-Founder of and meeting with Changelly’s frequent flyer Roger Ver, CEO at

Changelly and Nic Cary at office in London
Anna Rosebrook and Roger Ver at the World Blockchain Forum, London

Token Fest (Boston)

The next stop on Changelly’s tour was Token Fest — an exclusive, two-day networking event focused on the business and technology of tokenization that took place in Boston. CEO Changelly, Ilya Bere made a presentation on Changelly becoming the #1 instant swap platform, while Anna Rosebrook took part in the speed talk panel entitled “The Tokenization Of Everything”. The Token Fest was rich on meetings and new acquaintances, Changelly booth was always surrounded by people.

Ilya Bere representing Changelly at the Token Fest, Boston
Anna Rosebrook speech at the speed talk panel, Token Fest, Boston

Litecoin Summit (San Francisco)

The next event attended, was Litecoin Summit that took place in San Francisco. This year Litecoin Foundation hosted lots of amazing members of the global crypto community, among them Changelly’s lovely partners like CoolBitX, Gemini, LiteCash, Simplex, Lightning, LiteVault and many many others who set the trends in the world of Blockchain technologies. Changelly’s agenda included participating in numerous interviews along with meetings truly eminent personalities like Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin.

Changelly team with Charlie Lee, the Creator of Litecoin at the Litecoin Summit, San Francisco
Changelly CEO, Ilya Bere together with CoolBitX Founder Michael Ou and crypto blogger Kenn Bosak at the Litecoin Summit, San Francisco

Consensus: Singapore

The closing event of September for Changelly was Consensus: Singapore. The arrangements under the Consensus brand take the leading place in the space of crypto industry. With Consensus brand attracting 8,000+ attendees, Consensus: Singapore found to be the answer to the growing demand for specialized content and enhanced networking opportunities to satisfy the global appetite. Changelly brand attended the event at a big booth where the members of our team welcomed the key partners such as the CoolBitX, ZCoin, ARK, Ledger, Simplex and many others.

Changelly and CoolBitX teams at the at the Changelly booth, Consensus: Singapore, September 2018
The ARK team welcoming Changelly at the ARK booth, Consensus: Singapore, 2018
Changelly and ZCoin teams at Consensus: Singapore, 2018

Consensus events are also loved by all the members of the crypto community for the amazing opportunity to unite productive work experience with outstanding parties.

Changelly’s Head of marketing and PR director at the BlockAsia and Node Capital party at the BitTemple, Consensus: Singapore, 2018

“This September turned to be very eventful for the Changelly team. We flew around the world in just three weeks to attend the most prominent events of the industry, which bring together some of the best minds in the space of blockchain technologies. I find it critically important for different members of Changelly team to participate in such events like Consensus, to meet in person influencers who shape the trends, and to get the meaningful insights into the state of the crypto industry. The previous month resulted for Changelly in deep learning the international dimensions of the market along with entering into prominent connections and partnerships.” — CEO Changelly, Ilya Bere.

Ilya Bere with crypto dinosaurs at the Consensus: Singapore, 2018

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