Changelly Weekly Report (19.08 – 26.08)

Changelly Crypto Weekly Report

The previous week was fruitful on crypto news. Hence, together with Changelly, let’s observe the juiciest topics that deserve your attention the most. Below is the top crypto-related headlines we carefully collected for you from various crypto media:

WhatsApp to Add Mobile Payments for Indonesian Users

Tether to Issue New Stablecoin ‘CNHT’, Pegged to Chinese Yuan

Binance Plans to Issue Stablecoin, Pegged to Currencies All Around the World

Coincheck Crypto Exchange to Launch IEO Services

The National Bank of Rwanda to Issue Its Digital Currency

How Blockchain Is Changing Art Industry for the Better

Headliners of Crypto Industry Predicting BTC Price For 2020

Crypto Exchange HitBTC Is Lowering Trading Fees

Crypto exchange HitBTC reduced its trading fees, so now it is considered to be the lowest on the market.

Libra Members Are About to Leave the Project Due to Government Pressure

According to Cointelegraph, Libra members are about to leave Facebook’s blockchain project, as governments keep on tightening the screws on Libra.

Libra Members Consider Quitting Project Due to Gov’t Pressure: Report

Crypto Businesses from South Korea Are Leaving the Country

Another news from Cointelegraph: The number of South Korean crypto-related businesses are leaving the country to list their products on foreign exchanges. According to experts, the main reasons are stricter domestic cryptocurrency exchange market conditions and low transaction volume.

Experts: South Korean Crypto Projects Look to Leave the Country

Ripple Is To Empower Cross-Border Payment Platform for the Largest Bank of Thailand

SCB Thailand is officially using Ripple to power cross-border payments through its Easy Pay app. The company has updated its website with a detailed description of how it’s utilizing Ripple’s technology.

Confirmed: Thailand’s Largest Commercial Bank Using Ripple to Power Cross-Border Payments Platform

Australian Securities Exchange To Go Blockchain by 2021

Crypto news from Australia: The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) has made new partners to apply blockchain to its registry, settlement and clearing systems (CHESS) in 2021.

Australian Securities Exchange Confirms It’ll Go Blockchain in 2021

Swiss Regulator Issues AML/KYC Policy for Blockchain Payments

Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has released guidance on regulatory requirements for payments on the blockchain under FINMA supervision. The new guidance for virtual asset service providers, published on Aug. 26, applies to blockchain service providers including exchanges, wallet providers and trading platforms.

Swiss Regulator Releases AML, KYC Guidance for Blockchain Payments

That’s all the news for today, Changellions! Follow us on social media and have a nice swap!


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