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The latest Crypto News

SEC has Granted Two Tokens a Reg A+ Qualification

It seems that the process of tightening regulations around crypto businesses doesn’t always play against crypto-related projects. Last week the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved two blockchain start-ups and rated it with Reg A+ qualification. Props and Blockstack are the first tokens which officially got a green light on its blockchain token-centric projects’ further development. Read the article below to get more details of this inspiring story.

Ripple Uncovers Vision of the Company’s Long-term Strategy

At a recent roundtable hosted by Amazon Web Services in New York, the director of strategic growth at Ripple’s investment arm Xpring Vanessa Alexandra Pestritto offered a look at the company’s overall strategy.

“…We also have someone on our team dedicated to seeing where XRP for payments can be of use and working with different merchants as well as consumer platforms and apps to see where there could be a good opportunity for us there.” – Vanessa stressed.

Read the full story below:

Congressional Leaders Want to Prevent Big Tech from Launching Crypto

The new bill aims to prevent tech colossuses from becoming financial institutions. However, the main reason for the new law creating lies in particular in governors’ commitment to prevent Libra coin from its launch.

India Bans the Use of Cryptocurrencies Except for the “Official Digital Currencies”

According to the new draft legislation, soon there will be only one legal cryptocurrency in India. A “Digital Rupee” is a digitally issued currency by the country’s Reserve Bank — would be approved by the Central Government as legal tender, while all currencies satisfying the aforementioned cryptocurrency definition would be comprehensively prohibited. Read the full story via the link:

Binance 2nd Anniversary Celebration

But enough bad news, let’s congratulate Binance on its 2nd anniversary. To celebrate this date, the company and its all past LaunchPad projects committed to a number of upcoming promotions over the following weeks. To read the terms of Binance promotions and to take part in it, check the news from the company’s official website.

Canada Releases New AML Regulations For Crypto-Related Businesses

While the Indian government is planning to issue its national crypto, the Canadian government is tightening its anti-money laundering (AML) regulations. The new policy will impact crypto-related businesses in the country.

According to the government, the amendments serve to mitigate the money laundering and terrorist activity financing vulnerabilities of cryptocurrency in a way that is consistent with the existing legal framework, while not unduly hindering innovation.

Shell Invests in Ethereum-based Start-Up from New York

The fifth-largest oil and gas company in the world, valued at $262 billion, is investing an undisclosed amount in LO3, a New York startup using a modified version of the ethereum blockchain to make it easier for individuals to buy and sell locally produced energy using the existing network of power cables. Read the full story from the Forbes magazine via the link:

Another Day, Another Hack: Bitpoint loses $32 Million in XRP and other Cryptos

According to Bloomberg, Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Bitpoint suspended all services after losing about 3.5 billion yen ($32 million) in a hack that involved XRP and other cryptocurrencies.

Turkey Includes the National Cryptocurrency Release in the Government’s 2019-2023 Roadmap

According to the 11th Development Plan from the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, “Blockchain-based digital central bank money will be implemented.” In addition to the digital currency of the Turkish Central bank, the development plan provides for the use of Blockchain in transport and customs operations.

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