Invest Crypto in Collectible Vehicles with Changelly & CurioInvest!

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The world of collectible assets has always been inaccessible to a wide audience. To become part of it is like getting into a high-end private club…

Just the other day, Changelly space team has partnered with CurioInvest – a renowned asset tokenization platform. With Changelly instant exchange widget being integrated, the CurioInvest platform enabled crypto investments into collectible cars. So, every car fan can afford to invest in luxury vehicles, no matter if it is someone who’s running a big business or a recent college graduate.

CurioInvest tokenizes collectible supercars, thereby giving anyone the opportunity to purchase a part of the vehicle in the form of unique collectible tokens pegged directly to the supercar. Having become an owner of the Car tokens, the investor can track their value, and buy or sell tokens to a different investor.

How to Invest

With the new partnership initiative, investors can purchase Car tokens for any of the 150+ cryptocurrencies listed on Changelly. Changelly instant exchange widget is integrated directly inside the user account on the CurioInvest platform. To purchase Car tokens one should:

  • Sign into CurioInvest account,
  • Choose cryptocurrency to buy Car tokens for,
  • Set the amount and click the exchange button.

As soon as the crowdfunding process is complete, Car tokens are at the full disposal of its investor.

Impressive Statistics

According to Bloomberg, the supercar market has grown by 161% since 2011, more than doubling the jewelry and coins markets. CurioInvest cites an impressive example of the supercar market growth:

“The extremely limited production of Ferrari F12tdf run of just 799 vehicles. While the initial purchase price was believed to be in the region of $450,000, on the rare occasions it has come up for auction or private sale, it has sold for significantly more. In 2016, for example, an F12tdf sold at a Los Angeles dealership for $1,550,000.”

“We are excited to partner with Changelly. It’s clear that as a crypto-forward company we want to be able to accept investments in both FIAT and crypto. Changelly has proven that they have great global expertise in the industry and can provide a first-class solution.”

Fernando Verboonen, CEO of CurioInvest

“We believe that the best way to accept investments from our clients in their preferred currency whether that be FIAT or a cryptocurrency is by working together with Changelly. The company’s instant crypto exchange feature and CurioInvests novel product pallet and extravagant investment opportunities make this partnership a clear win-win.”

Valerie Halter, Co-Founder, and COO at CurioInvest

“I am very excited to announce our newest partnership with CurioInvest. I see lots of potential use cases for their business and see them becoming much bigger than they are right now. I personally enjoy their service and look forward to having ownership in a luxury car of my own very soon. Make sure to read more about the company and I’m sure you’ll be just as excited as I am.”

Eric Benz, Changelly CEO stresses

About CurioInvest

CurioInvest is a technology platform for institutional grade digital assets backed by collectables that enable asset managers and private investors to diversify in top vetted tokenized collectables that trade at stock markets at low minimums. CurioInvest was finalist at the UBS Future of Finance competition and Techcrunch top pick at Disrupt Berlin 2019.

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About Changelly

Changelly is a non-custodial instant cryptocurrency exchange service, that acts as an intermediary between crypto exchanges and users, giving an opportunity to exchange over 150 cryptocurrencies at the best market rates. 

Changelly offers its API and a customizable payment widget to any crypto service that wishes to broaden its audience and implement new exchange options. 

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