Changelly March Digest: Standing Strong Despite the Challenging Times

A lot has happened since our February digest, both in the world and the crypto market. New economic challenges, crypto prices falling dramatically in the first week of March, followed by waves of correction, and the coronavirus pandemic all kept us on our toes (and still do). However, even that wasn’t enough to deter us from doing our best, and we have many exciting things to share with you. . This April Changelly celebrates its 5 year anniversary, and we’ve worked hard to make the event as fun and exciting as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of March 2020.

Topics of the Month

Changelly & DAOWallet Partnership

In March, Changelly and DAOGroup took an important step towards each other. Now, DAOWallet is empowered with our exchange solutions, and BET, the mainnet token of DAOGroup, has joined Changelly’s list of crypto assets available for instant swaps. The token is also available to be purchased for fiat.

DAOWallet is Now Empowered with Changelly’s Instant Exchange API

Ongoing integration with CurioInvest

Although the partnership between Changelly and CurioInvest has already been announced, there are still some thrilling things lying ahead. Last month CEO of Changelly, Eric Benz, had a great talk with Rey Fernando, CEO of CurioInvest, about how the idea of the tokenization of collectible cars came to be, and what future awaits it. While we are waiting for CUR token to join the list of 150+ currencies available on our platform you can brush up on the highlights of our partnership here: 

Eric Benz Talks Crypto with Rey Fernando, CEO of CurioInvest

Listing of HedgeTrade’s token HEDG on Changelly

Another new and welcome addition to the vast Changelly crypto catalog, HEDG is now available to be exchanged for 150+ already listed coins and tokens. HEDG became a really big deal in 2019, with its price growing more than 500%. Now you can quickly and easily buy or swap it on Changelly.

HedgeTrade’s HEDG Token strengthens its market position with listing on Changelly

Changelly Launches Off-chain Exchanges with Freewallet

This March, Changelly joined forces with Freewallet to enable off-chain transactions for 54 coins and tokens, including BTC, ETH, LTC, EOS, and an impressive number of ERC20 tokens. With the transactions moved outside the blockchain, users will only need to pay for the swap itself with no additional fees, the exchange will be completed faster, and there will be increased anonymity.  

Changelly Celebrates its 5 Year Anniversary

As has been mentioned previously, Changelly turns 5 this April, and we’ve spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that it will be a great event. We are holding a joint giveaway with our partners, and there will also be lots of various exciting contests, including a Changelly Challenge, where we will test you on Changelly’s core values. 5 winners will receive exclusive merchandise packs.

Changelly’s Anniversary: the 5-year Voyage through Crypto Space

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That’s it for March, Changelions! Next month we’ll tell you how our anniversary went and talk about our cool new partnerships, so look forward to more good news and exciting developments. Until then, stay home, stay safe, and keep making that crypto profit!