Changelly’s January Digest

January digest changelly cover

New Year’s is all about fresh starts. We can’t wait to tell you about notable events that took place on Changelly this winter. But first, let’s take a quick review of the cryptocurrency market situation.

2021 has started with the chaos in the crypto market. The major cryptocurrency, BTC, traveled to the moon (where it updated all-time-high) and got back to the trading range of $38,000-$43,000. The rest of the altcoins also experienced sudden growth. Many digital currencies managed to hit the new ATH since 2017, turning the market green. The crypto market is highly volatile, and we keep telling our dear users always to remember this fact. There are multiple ways to take profit from the cryptocurrency industry. One of such options is to use the Changelly exchange widget to get passive income from crypto-to-crypto and fiat-to-crypto transactions.  

Updated Exchange Widget for Changelly Earn

At the beginning of December, we updated one of our core affiliate tools – the exchange widget. We’ve introduced enhanced functionality and upgraded UI to provide each user with a seamless user experience. 

Since the exchange widget is connected to our fiat-to-crypto marketplace, all cool features of Changelly Buy are available in the widget. Users can now buy crypto using their native currency. As of now, there are 55 fiat currencies available, including the Colombian Peso (COP), Indian Rupee (INR), and many others. 

We want to bring the day of mass adoption closer. That is why we think that availability is important. Changelly exchange widget is now can be accessed from over 200 countries.  

Buy and exchange crypto swiftly using different payment methods, including credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, or Apple Pay. 

Zilliqa (ZIL) Is Now Available for Instant Purchase and Exchange on Changelly

Zilliqa coin is now a part of the Changelly family. ZIL can be purchased instantly with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard), Apple Pay, or bank transfer and also swapped to over 160 digital assets available on Changelly. 

Since the crypto community is growing day by day, the Zilliqa platform wants to enhance the boundaries of the blockchain capabilities by providing the sharding solution. It allows decentralized platforms to scale in a linear manner, which enables higher transaction throughput.

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BitPay Integrates Changelly API for Instant Token Exchange

A global BTC and cryptocurrency payment service provider BitPay integrated Changelly API. As of now, users can seamlessly exchange their crypto assets within minutes. Since both BitPay and Changelly pursue the goal of bringing the day of mass adoption closer. Such collaboration between two giants will benefit crypto newcomers and experienced market players. 

Having an opportunity to swap cryptocurrency within the BitPay application, users get access to over 160 digital assets that can be exchanged promptly. The BitPay wallet provides users with an enhanced functionality making the crypto experience more native and secure. Store, receive, and exchange crypto with Changelly and BitPay. 

Changelly Provides Instant Token Swaps within BitPay Services

BITLEVEX Integrates with Changelly to Support Crypto Deposits

Collaboration is always about mutually beneficial actions. Changelly is happy to announce a partnership with the trading platform BITLEVEX. Users can now deposit 170+ cryptocurrencies that will be instantly converted to USD. 

It is also worth mentioning that BITLEVEX clients can use multiple payment methods in order to buy crypto. 

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Changelly PRO to List TON Crystal 

Although the initial TON network was ceased, its heritage continues to live in the community’s project Free TON. In order to provide everyone with an open, decentralized internet, the Free TON movement enables next-gen blockchain technology bringing multi-shred, multi-threaded, and highly scalable decentralized solutions to the masses.

The native cryptocurrency, TON Crystal (TON), is a fuel that powers the Free TON ecosystem. With listing on both instant crypto exchange Changelly and full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO, TON cryptocurrency can be obtained within minutes through multiple payment options (Visa/Mastercard, Apple Pay, bank transfer) and traded against the most popular trading pairs like BTC and USDT.  

TON Crystal Is Now Available on Changelly PRO