Changelly’s February Digest

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In February 2021, Changelly welcomed a range of new tokens to its family of 160+ crypto assets available for instant purchase and swap. Moreover, we finally revealed the names of the Changelly Essay Competition winners. Lastly, to bring the crypto mass adoption to the new level, we’ve partnered with a trading veteran platform Deriv. Dive into Changelly’s Digest to spot the highlights of notable crypto events that took place on our platform in February. 

Changelly and Deriv Partnered to Accelerate Crypto Mass Adoption

Deriv provides everything you need to start trading stocks, commodities, derivatives, etc. Deriv has been making trading accessible to everyone for over 20 years now. Since the crypto market is currently experiencing the bull trend, it is important to seize the moment and get into the world of crypto finance as smoothly as possible. Changelly, together with Deriv, provides such an opportunity to anyone who would like to start the crypto journey with ease. As of now, Deriv clients can buy crypto instantly with credit cards (Visa, Mastercard) and other payment methods. offers a variety of trade types in markets that are available 24/7 all over the world. Deriv provides a native and reliable trading platform with over 130 tradable assets. 

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Changelly and Changelly PRO Welcome BTCV Coin 

Probably each and every newly born crypto project claims to bring revolutionary technology to the market. However, Bitcoin Vault (BTCV) has revealed a genuinely advanced feature that might change the market’s rules. Bitcoin Vault, along with its native cryptocurrency, is the world’s first crypto solution that allows users to cancel transactions after being sent to the blockchain. Such a feature brings advanced user experience and eliminates the chance of user mistakes. 

Changelly is proud to announce that BTCV can be swiftly purchased with a credit card (Visa, Mastercard), bank transfer, or Apple Pay from now on. The coin is also available for smooth and secure trading on the Changelly PRO crypto exchange platform. 

About Bitcoin Vault

Bitcoin Vault is developed to provide an extra level of security based on a three-private-key security structure. It features all the convenience of Bitcoin while adding important features allowing user transparency and freedom.

Our plan is to have Bitcoin Vault fully accepted by not only the current crypto-community, as one of the major players in the space, but also by newcomers to the industry, and enterprises. Despite the fact that the first Bitcoin was mined over 11 years ago, this crypto space is still in its infancy. Our dream is to have produced a product that can improve people’s lives.

TON Crystal Is Available for Instant Crypto Swap and Purchase on Changelly

TON Crystal (TON) is a native cryptocurrency of the Free TON’s network that has been already listed on the full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange Changelly PRO. We are thrilled to announce that the TON token is now available for instant purchase with multiple payment methods on Changelly. Such collaboration brings enhanced opportunities for both the Free TON network and Changelly users. Instant access to TON cryptocurrency aims to raise awareness of the token and push it towards mass usage. 

About Free TON

Free TON is a community-powered movement for a free and open decentralized internet. It’s a next-gen blockchain technology that belongs to no one and to everyone at the same time. The network does not have an owner or centralized management that decides what should be done or when, nor what tools or projects should run on it. Instead, Free TON practices decentralized governance principles empowering the community to engage, contribute, and make decisions. Technology-wise Free TON is the first multi-threaded, multi-shared, highly scalable blockchain with low latency. It has an advanced Proof-of-Stake consensus and versatile smart contract platform supporting several high-level computer languages. Free TON promotes a unique concept of End-to-End Decentralization.

Bridge Oracle (BRG) Is Listed on Changelly and Changelly PRO

Since the crypto industry is constantly developing and expanding, new promising crypto projects appear. Bridge Oracle is the first public oracle system that is built on the TRON blockchain. It allows users to inject real-world data into smart contracts, therefore making one step closer towards crypto mass adoption.  

One of the core Bridge Oracle’s advantages is that it can be easily applied not only to big corporations but also to small businesses. Tron’s native token TRX and Bridge Oracle cryptocurrency BRG are used as a method of payment for requests. The latter can now be easily swapped to over 160 digital assets on Changelly. 

Crypto Essay Winners Announced

In fall 2020, Changelly, together with giant media outlet Cointelegraph, launched a crypto essay competition aimed at revealing talents among crypto enthusiasts. We were surprised to receive so many strong works both in terms of language structure and context. We’d like to thank all the participants. You did a great job! The Changelly Essay Competition winners can be found here. 

During the following weeks, we are going to publish the top 5 essays. As of now, you can read the work of our winner Seb Hudson from the University of Edinburgh and his essay “The Future of Cryptocurrency. What Are the Hurdles and How Might They be Overcome?”.

Second place: Samuel Tochukwu Azubuine from the University of Nigeria and his essay “Crypto Market and the Internet Bubble: A Reconnaissance”.