Changelly Digest May 2017: Cryptofruitful

We are happy to announce the most fruitful month for listing cryptos! We’ve added over 10 cryptocurrencies during May 2017, which you now can exchange just with a few clicks!

Read more about each one to see the unique features of those.


Not only blockchain allows creating breaking through cryptocurrency projects. There is also DAG (directed acyclic graph) structure, an alternative that prevents network issues like overloading. This is the technology used by Byteball. The cryptocurrency stands apart from other coins based on blockchain and providers an easier option to control user funds with the implementation of readable smart contracts. Byteball is released by an initiative team located in Moscow, Russia. It is an entire highly scalable crypto ecosystem than provides instant payment, a marketplace, trading chatbots, and secure chats.


PIVX stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction that is also known as the upgraded fork of DASH. The fork was launched on January 31, 2016, and used a proof-of-stake consensus ever since. As the coin is the DASH fork, it utilizes the latest version of Bitcoin Core, providing technically enhanced staking process. Any user with a device running a PIVX wallet may participate is the staking process to earn PIVx rewards, regardless of technical specifications.


There is no denying that cryptocurrency is used in gambling. Most of crypto casinos utilize so-called house edge, a mathematical advantage over a gamer that represents the casino profit. Edgeless, the name of which speaks for itself, is a fully transparent casino with 0% edge that provides all odds for winning. In general, Edgeless stands for a fair game strictly based on a natural edge of 0.83% coming from improper player strategy. Edgeless will provide sport bets, dice, Black Jack, Lunar Poker and other gambling.


This is the only cryptocurrency based on labor hours. The key idea of Chronobank is to provide employers with decentralized mechanisms for effective employees ranking without involving recruitment mediators. Chronobank initiators call the project Uber of the time aim to disrupt the entire human resources industries, just like Uber did to traditional taxi businesses. The project has already attracted investors from Australia.

Swarm City

This is an Ethereum based project initially came from another entity named Acrade City being largely known in the cryptocommunity as the Uber Killer. Swarm City, in turn, represents a peer-to-peer sharing economy project that aims to disrupt traditional sharing services like Uber, Lyft, AirBnB etc by switching to decentralized smart contracts. The platform enables its users to create the transactions of rideshare, homeshare and other services directly from the Swarm City Terminal, an application to store SWT tokens.


WeTrust is an alternative financial platform based on Ethereum that is designed for Trusted Lending Circles, identity credit,, direct lending and mutual insurance. The WeTrust platform provides products named ROSCA (Rotating Savings and Credit Association), a decentralized agreement between parties who contribute a fixed amount of money in a certain period of time (a month, a year, etc.) called a round. Each round is fulfilled with a reverse auction where the lowest bid wins. The product aims to save and issue credit as a group, providing an efficient and transparent way to save, lend and insure and a fair financial system where each participant has equal rights.


Melon is a token powered by the Melonport platform based on the Ethereum. The platform has raised almost $3 million of investments in the first token sale. The reason why Melonport is so appealing is that it utilizes the open-source Melon protocol for distributing digital asset management allowing everyone to manage, set up and invest in digital assets in a decentralized approach. The key feature of Melonport is its transparency which empowers users and created a breeding ground for growing reputation and asset management. Blockchain technologies, implemented in Melonport, lower costs and time that creates a competitive environment.


When it comes to blockchain integration, here is Darcrus that helps companies take a step. Basically, the Dacrus (DAR) token is issued on the NXT platform utilizing a Proof-of-Holding system. The first Darcrus product is dAppSheet for data management and security that can duplicate a company’s infrastructure in a decentralized way. This includes tracking and billing customization. The main advantage of Dacrus is that it is immutable. Once data are set, no one (even CEO) can edit them.


Decred is a Bitcoin based cryptocurrency that aims to resolve scalability issues that recently became crucial for the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike an overwhelming majority of other cryptocurrencies, Decred utilizes both PoW and PoS consensuses at the same time and creates a golden mine between miners and stakeholders. Another Decred’s feature is self-funding, i.e. the crypto is funded by its own developers. Having such advantages over Bitcoin, Decred aims to present a way more progressive approach to blockchain technologies.


Have you heard about Steem? Well, Golos is pretty much the same, but for Russian audience. Being a Steem fork, Golos represents a platform to create content and gain rewards for that. The initiative to create a separate coin for Russian speaking audience came from multiple users requests to translate content to English. Unlike Steem, Golos had an ICO for Russian internet community and raised over 600 BTC.


Xaurum is literally gold in the blockchain. The crypto represents a growing gold reserves commonwealth as its value. Firtsly, Xaurum was based on the bitcoin blockchain, then it switched to Ethereum. One of the key features of the currency is that it’s regulated by gold. Its value grows with its use and coinage. Xaurum is mined cooperatively in a so-called goldmine, a PoS multipool.


Digix is a platform running on Etherium that enables gold asset ownerships for blockchain. The platform utilizes the Proof of Asset protocol that permanently records each transaction step into the Ethereum blockchain, so there is no incentive to cheat or fraud. The protocol is customizable and can be used for deeds, stocks, bonds, dept credits, etc. Generally, Digix is a transparent, auditable and secure platform that is used for digital asset management.

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