Changelly July Digest: A Big Step Forward

July 2020 was rich with significant updates. The highlight of the month was the launch of Changelly PRO, a full-featured crypto exchange that is going to expand the boundaries of daily trading experience for both professional and novice traders. We hosted an AMA session with Changelly CEO Eric Benz and Mr. Reza Bashash, Co-Creator & Technical Lead at Sologenic, who answered users’ questions about the future of blockchain and the crypto industry. There are so many things we can’t wait to tell you about, so let’s dive in!

Topic of the Month 

Changelly Launches New Trading Platform Changelly PRO

changelly pro launch article image

The crypto industry never sleeps, and neither do we. In 2015, we’ve created a platform that lets users exchange cryptocurrency with ease, no matter their skill level or background. In July 2020, we took it a step further and launched a full-fledged cryptocurrency exchange  – Changelly PRO. Following the three main principles that are based on our fundamental values – ease of use, competitive fee structure, and 24/7 live support – Changelly PRO is going to provide a flawless trading experience for every user. 

Changelly PRO enables access to over 50 cryptocurrency pairs and offers competitive trading fees. A customizable and interactive trading terminal allows novices to start trading right away without the need for any previous experience, while mature crypto traders can enjoy extra low withdrawal fees for the most popular coins and tokens. Changelly PRO is available on both desktop and mobile, so you can start trading crypto wherever you are.

Changelly Partners with a New Fiat-to-crypto Provider Banxa 

banxa and changelly partnership cover image

The list of fiat payment providers available on Changelly’s marketplace keeps on growing – this month, we welcomed BANXA to our platform. This partnership is sure to improve user experience as it will offer clients a wider range of cryptocurrencies, fiats, and payment methods to choose from. This collaboration will benefit both parties, providing Changelly users with more purchasing options and BANXA with increased transaction volume.

Changelly Lists Levolution (LEVL) Utility Token

LEVL token cover image

Pursuing the goal of bringing the day of mass adoption closer, Levolution provides indispensable tools to crypto companies that are preparing for ITOs (Initial Token Offering). Levolution can help anyone who wants to create a cryptocurrency project from scratch. The platform’s utility token, LEVL, is both a payment tool for service providers and an instrument to reward collaboration. The listing on Changelly will help the platform’s users and supporters get easier access to LEVL.

Eric Benz spoke to Levolution CEO Renato Schumacher to learn more about the project and their future plans. 

Settle Network Joins Changelly’s Fiat-to-crypto Marketplace

changelly partners with settle network and latamex

Changelly continues to make cryptocurrency more accessible. The addition of Settle Network to Changelly’s fiat-to-crypto marketplace is sure to enhance user experience by offering customers a greater choice of purchasing options.

Settle Network’s project Latamex is a Latin American fiat-to-crypto gateway, so its addition to the marketplace will provide users from that area with better access to a wider variety of cryptocurrencies.

AMA with Eric Benz and Reza Bashash

AMA with Eric Benz and Reza Bashash

Last month, Changelly welcomed a new crypto token, SOLO, to the list of 160+ digital assets available for swaps. SOLO is the primary token of Sologenic, a securities tokenization platform. This month, Changelly CEO Eric Benz and Mr. Reza Bashash, Co-Creator & Technical Lead at Sologenic, answered the crypto community’s most pressing questions. We’ve posted a recap of the AMA on Changelly’s Telegram Channel.

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